Walking with Angels

Throughout the world the concept of Angels is widely known and described as a benevolent spirit giving aid to all of man kind.

What some people don’t realize is that Angels walk beside each and every one of us everyday, and that some of us can actually see and speak to them.

Each person on the planet alive today has a Guardian Angel that has been with them since birth. The role of the Guardian Angel is exactly as it sounds. They offer protection, love and compassion in times of need. Most importantly, their main goal is to help guide us through life towards the path that will offer us the most happiness and light. They can help us with finding our divine life purpose and soul-mission.

Giving Permission to Guardian Angels

Many people are unaware that our Guardian Angels are so benevolent that we must give them permission to intervene into our lives and to help us. Life is all about free will and making our own choices. Guardian Angels generally do not intervene with any decision or incident in our lives without our given permission first.  To invite their loving guidance into your life, all you need to do  is call out to them. You can speak to your Guardian Angel just like you speak to anyone else.

Before I do a reading I simply say: “I now open myself up to my Guardian Angel and any messages that he would like to send through, and I open myself up to the Guardian Angels of whoever I am doing the reading for.

Every time I channel spirit I first call upon my Guardian Angel, as he will protect me and not allow anything harmful to come through during the channeling session. A lot of psychics work with their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels daily. Your Guardian Angel is there, just waiting for you to call out to him/her and ask for their divine assistance and help! They want this and this is what they are there for!

Angels Want to Help You

One of my favorite things about working with Angels is their eagerness to help. When you call upon them, they will come every single time without delay. You can always rely on them. They will work with you for your highest good, and the highest good of all.

If you ever feel afraid you can call upon Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is a warrior of light, and he can cast out any darkness in your life. Archangel Michael can help you to clear out any negative energy in your Aura, and can help you with cutting negative energy links that you may have attached to tragic situations or times in your life. He will help you to let go.

Archangel Raphael is the Angel of healing. You can call upon him when you are physically ill or emotionally in pain. He will heal you in all ways mind, body and soul. He will aid you in speeding up the healing process when you are ill, and will help you to strengthen your immune system as well.

Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of Communication. If you ever have a hard time getting through to someone he is the Angel to call out to. He will help you find more innovative and productive ways of communicating with others.

Archangel Zadkiel is the Angel of forgiveness. If you ever are having a hard time letting go and forgiving yourself or others he is such a loving Angel to work with. He will embrace you in his wings and help you to heal and let go of all that which no longer serves you well.

They are waiting to help you! All that you need to do is simply to ask. Working with the Archangels and my Guardian Angels has brought so many blessings into my life, and I know in my heart they can do the same for you!

A Message for You

As I was writing this article, I received a channeled message to you, the readers. This is what the Angels have to say:

“Dear ones, we are always sending you light and love. Your perception of us depicts us having wings. We do have wings but they are not for the purpose of flying as we can fly without them. We use our wings to reflect your inner light back upon you. We do this to comfort you in times of distress. At times we wish that we could remove the veil from your eyes, and that you were able to see yourself as we see you through our eyes. You would know how truly adored, cherished, unconditionally loved and appreciated each and every one of you are. You would see the perfection that we see. It is we who look up to you, and we applaud you for your efforts here. You are dearly loved, appreciated and you are never alone for we walk besides you always. We love you.”

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