Two Sides To Every Tale

Every story has two parts to it, and usually, you hear only one part of the story.

I want you to imagine for a moment you’re having lunch with a friend and she tells you how the person she loves is so cold, he never says I love you to her and never gives her any time at all, yet she gives so much of herself for him.

What she did not share is he is going through a nasty divorce, and he hates his job which takes up a lot of his time and when he does have the time he needs to spend it with his wife and kids. Not to mention should he engage in an affair, he knows his wife would respond by taking a lot of his if not all of his money and also claiming full custody of the kids. So now he’s afraid of losing his kids.

Do you see how the story now takes on a different vibe?

Now that you have the second part of it.

Most people tell the part of the story that puts them in the positive light and leave out other details, that if we hear it. Well, it changes things entirely.

My father was the one who always said to me before you pass judgment get both sides of the story. Because I would always side with my friends, yet it wasn’t until I was older did I learn how vital this was?

Another example I will use, I was teaching a student how to increase her awareness, and every week she did the same thing, took the advice for a bit then stopped and cried that her family did not support her she had to carry them on her own. I noticed things were not adding up so I pressed her further, and asked.

Does your husband pay bills? ‘Yes, ‘ she said. Does your son work and help out? I asked, ‘Yes’ she responded I then realized her part of the story was false that they did support her, but she enjoyed playing the victim.

I stopped teaching her because it went nowhere she was more of a psychic vampire than a good student. She did not take responsibility for her lie but instead blamed others for it when it went wrong.

We tend to become blind with family members and friends, in our eyes, they do no wrong. Why not? They are just like everyone else, no different, They too can screw up, just like us, we’re not perfect either so if we make mistakes then so can our family and friends.

We can’t always side with them, and we can’t only hear their side.

In a court of law, there are two sides, the prosecution, and the defense before the judge can hand down his verdict. Both sides must make their case.

That way the jury can hear both sides and make a fair decision and the judge can make a fair ruling.

What is not allowed to be heard in a court of law is hearsay. Hearsay is when someone else other than you, informs you of the conduct of someone you are in some way connected with. This is flimsy and unproven.

An example would be a friend says to you, “Hey! I saw your husband kissing a blond at the mall.” You didn’t see it you only have her word, it could be true or it could be a lie. It’s hearsay and it’s not evidence. It’s gossip unfounded. Until that becomes proven it’s not allowed. Until what anyone else says to you about someone else is confirmed, you need to take it with a grain of salt.

People are not always genuine. Look at this election, some people say that one nominee is a criminal the other one is a racist. Neither one of these statements has been proven!

They are emotional garbage! So before you play the role of judge jury and executioner. Remember everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

And also what is the other side of the story. If you only heard one side of the story, you have half the truth, not the full truth.

Who is telling you this? Is it a trusted friend? Did you learn it to be true or was your friend spreading a rumor? Before you take anyone at their word, get the facts. Validate.

Get informed and get the other side of the story. Don’t assume they are being truthful, what if they heard it from Joey, and Joey heard it from Micky and Micky thought it is fun to make the whole thing up!

Wow! What a mess. Even attorneys in a court of law need to validate their information any information provided to them from witnesses they look into it and see if its true or are these people wasting their time.

And finally, use your best judgment and listen to your intuition.

Your head will confuse you, so combine intuition with common sense, don’t over rationalize, but do be informed.

Your heart is the spirit and will tell you if you are on the right path.

Follow the spirit and you’ll know what you should do, that does not mean it’s easy, it means it is right and keeps you on a path to clean karma.

Just because someone you know does something harmful, does not mean you should.

I one time had a client say she did something because her boyfriend told her to, I asked her if her boyfriend told her to jump off a bridge would she? She was shocked and said NO of course not. I said this is no different, he is asking you to do something harmful and you are complying, it’s as if he is saying jump off a bridge.

Use your best judgment be fair in making a decision after you have heard both sides and after you have all the facts. Then you can be the Judge and the Jury.

Executions are illegal. So let’s leave the executioner out of this. Leave that job to the karma Gods.

I hope these tips help you all. Yeah! I want a reading!

Awesome! So now this is what you need to do.

Call me, Love Goddess; the maiden of mystery the diva of destiny, the Lady of love. What’s your extension!?

I was just getting to that. 17306

I’m on Tues, Weds Thurs Fri and Sat OFF SUN and MON My hours are

12 PM – 7 PM and 8:30 PM – 10 PM Eastern time.

Specialties range from Direct channeling, automatic writing, tarot, remote viewing, I-ching, oracle cards clairvoyant clairaudient clairsentient and more!

I’m waiting to hear from you soon.

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