The Biggest Mistake in a New Relationship

There is no feeling like being in love. Everything in the world looks better than you could have imagined.

Nothing brings you down, and your heart beats just a little faster. It is the ultimate feeling. To meet someone and have a connection can be almost overwhelming.

Knowing you have met your soul mate makes all the struggles you have ever experienced nearly vanish. But, there is one sure-fire way to ruin even the best prospective relationship. Make this one misstep, and the spark of first love can turn into a wildfire that turns everything around it into ashes. As fast as passion can start, it can end just as quickly.

Anticipation and excitement are a natural reaction to finding a person that feels right for you. It is not difficult to be overly enthusiastic at first. The problem is when that “rush” turns into a tidal wave. Once that happens, everything gets washed away, including your new companion.

Wrecking True Love

The huge misstep that can wreck true love is moving too soon too fast. It is one thing to be optimistic. It is another thing entirely when you are planning a whirl wind weekend in the Fiji islands followed by dinner in Paris and sight-seeing in Rome as soon as you lock eyes. You may not go that far, but renting a truck and moving in after the first date is a certain ticket to domestic disaster.

When the first thought on your mind after the first kiss is “where will we send the children to college” and “who will plan the wedding,” this should be a hint that you are accelerating love to a dangerous level. Having a fantasy of the kind of life you would like is alright. The potential problem here is that you may have made all of the decisions on your own. Love is always a two-way street. When your new flame is just another actor in the movie of your ideal life, disappointment will follow.

Romance is Built on Expectations

Expectations are always there. Romance is built on expectations: and the expectation is that it is fast paced. Fairy tales are filled with first encounters that end in marriage, quickly. The format of love is that you find your other half, know it immediately and rush into the future. In the haze of romance every wish is granted. Once the fog settles, reality makes its presence known, loudly.

When anything is slapped together, there is always the feeling that someone is clutching at straws. Just like dogs can smell fear, people can discern desperation. Absolutely nothing spoils love like someone grabbing for it out of the fear of losing it.

The Pleasure of the Present

The tragedy of forever living in the future is the loss of the pleasure of the present. The excitement of meeting for dinner, going to a movie all of the wonderful things that make courting so thrilling are lost. When every waking hour is lost in fear, anxiety and the perpetual planning for the future, the wonderful pleasures of the moment are gone. Opportunities to actually connect with another human being are drowned by the weight of want and the constant push for commitment.

The truth is that you can love and have romance without forcing it. Professional readers know the ins and outs of love and can guide you towards a path that still has the romance, but minus the fret and fear.

Love is in some ways like orchids. They have to be tended carefully. They take time to bloom. However, when they do, they last.

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