Quit Your Job!


The ability to believe deeply about something is the core attitude for a purposeful, stimulating life. Perhaps you do not feel suited to your present job; and one of your goals might be to change jobs in the future. But as long as you are doing the work you do, learn to have the right attitude toward it. Many people are hostile towards their work; every day is one of drudgery and resentment. Learn how to believe in whatever you do and be as successful as possible in the work you are doing today. Success then becomes habit, a way of living and being productive. Let me show you how.


That is, quit your job, but only in your mind. Now you have no job and you are looking for one. Next, imagine you decided to accept the one you just left. Tomorrow will be your first day on the job! For the next few minutes, ponder how your attitude tomorrow (the first day on your “new” job) will be different from what it is today. Think back and try to remember how your level of interest, enthusiasm, and personal motivation was on the first day of the new job? How hard are you going to work the first few days on your “new” job? Have you been applying yourself like this? Next, make a decision.

Individuals who have true mental maturity have the ability to choose their attitudes in any situation. That is your greatest power – to choose your thoughts. In order to believe in your job, a company you work for, yourself, and your philosophy of life, make the decision to believe. Say to yourself, “I choose to believe in the way I am spending my time, my life.” This will drive your life’s purpose. Many people find this difficult to do.

They hold back, afraid to give their all, do not want to make a total commitment – mentally, physically or spiritually (creatively). Is this true of you? Would only company policy, work conditions, attitudes toward your work and other people be factors in this and or determine how you think and act?

Your behavior is patterned by doing things that fulfill your needs or wants that will benefit you. Good thoughts and good actions bring good results. Belief is no exception. Want to start changing right now? Start now! Write three ways that you would benefit personally by believing deeply in what you do and becoming motivated to do the very best job you know how to do. Keep the list near your bedside table and read them just before retiring for the night and once again upon rising. You will experience a positive difference in your level of belief in yourself and what you say you want most in life sooner than later. What do you have to lose? Give it a try.

Motivation Secret Part 1: The Five Percent Rule. You might not know it right now, but something you experienced in the past is the key to getting what you want in the future. The truth is, everyone has this information in his or her head, but less than 5% of the population knows about it. We do everything for a reason. Moreover, if you can find a good reason to achieve your goal, you will immediately feel driven to make it happen. Think back to a time when you felt inspired, even focused on getting something or accomplishing a goal. Think about the motivating factors that drove you. Once you’ve pinpointed the reason, you have your power. Now you are able to take that driving factor and use it over and over to create the drive you need to create the life you want to live. Think over as many of your past successes as possible, and you’ll put together a group of very powerful motivators. If something works once, it is sure to work again. Discovering what drove you in the past will give you the key to future success.


Did you know the thoughts you think about during the first 30 minutes after you awaken in the morning will govern the rest of your day? This includes how you feel and will also set the tone for how you will act. Your first thoughts in the morning can also predict the results you will get for the rest of the day. Additionally, the thoughts you think about before you go to bed at night have a major influence on what you will dream about, and also how you will feel when you wake up in the morning. You can go to bed with the final thought, “I am really tired,” and you will wake up, hours later still feeling tired. However, if you change your thoughts before going to bed to “Tomorrow I will feel great,” and you picture yourself arising in the morning filled with energy and pizzazz, then I assure you it will happen. Try it, and be blown away at how powerful and TRUE this is. Keep trying if it does not happen overnight. You will be glad you did.

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