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This can be something we do or some way we see things that is different from others. What comes naturally to you is so much a part of you that you sometimes you do not recognize your soul significance. People naturally believe that if something is easy for them to do, then it is easy for everyone else. This is not true. There are also many who believe that just because something is easy or fun to do then being paid to do it is not a good idea. We like to think that work should be hard and that if we do not sweat and struggle, we do not deserve to get paid. Again, this is not true. In fact, the people who create the most wealth love what they do.

If you cannot figure out what your special talent is, interview your best friend, coworkers, and family. They will tell you. The next step is easy. Start to honor and express your unique talent today.


The truth is that you only have a few decades to live the life you have always wanted to experience. You only have so much time to be and do all the things you have dreamt about. Then your time will run out. This is not something to run away from; it is a fact you can use as a powerful motivator to ensure you make the most of the time you are given. Face this fact of life now. When you do, you will feel a surge to get moving.

I know what you are probably thinking, ’It won’t last.’ I see this happen all the time. People getting pumped-up and excited about their goals only to come crashing back down. If it happens enough times, many do not ever want to try again. The reason people cannot get motivated and stay motivated is not because they are not good or smart enough, but rather they do not know about the science of motivation.

Do you want to be more successful? Be positively interested in those interested in you, and keep learning about the most interesting person in the world . . . Y.O.U.


Your ANTICIPATIVE or psychic imagination is the mind’s ability to look ahead, plan, forecast, and to anticipate. In its highest form it is known as “creative expectancy” acknowledged by Aristotle with his words, “What you expect, that you shall find.” A leading university agreed when it conducted a study that indicated that people succeed because they expect to succeed and fail because they expect to fail. An amazing phenomenon has been uncovered in recent years by behavioral scientists about the powerful influence of one person’s expectations on the behavior of others.

Studies have shown that doctors who expect their patients to survive have patients with higher survival rates than doctors with a more pessimistic attitude. The corporate leader who expects their team to grow and win has a better success record than those who express doubt and lack of confidence.


A study in San Francisco indicated the effect of a teacher’s expectations on children. Children in the elementary grades were tested. The teachers were then given the names of children who would be the “academic spurters.” These were the children who would show unusual intellectual gain in the year ahead.

At the end of the year a survey was made and it was discovered that the forecasts were correct. The children designated as “spurters” not only showed the intellectual gains, but were also described as happier, more curious, were less likely to be absent, more likely to succeed, and more interesting the other children. Then it was disclosed how the “spurters” were selected in the first place. They were picked completely at random!

You see, because the teachers expected these students to be more successful, they tended to live up to those expectations.

Overwhelming evidence now indicates that this same phenomenon takes place in the world of business management. Subordinates will generally fulfill the role that is molded by the manager’s expectations.

The powerful influence of your expectations on the behavior of others is a rather awesome responsibility. It means to hold in your mind the worthwhile characteristics of an individual and treat the individual accordingly. Build a picture in your thoughts of what the person can do and become. Help people become what they are capable of becoming! That’s the key!

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it this way: “Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can!”

So people need people. They need you. They need you to give them what they want and need; they need what I called soul nourishment.

One of my mottos is, “To the degree you give others what they need first will they give you what you need.” That is what motivation is all about.

Creating motivation is not something you really do to other people; it is something they do to themselves.

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