Let the Summer Solstice Sun Shine In!

The summer solstice occurs on June 21, 2015 this year and marks the Sun’s movement into the constellation of Cancer, the second half of the Julian calendar year.

It calls up images of Shakespeare’s Midsummers Night Dream and dancing with mischievous fairies. A time of dreams coming true!

The sign of The Lunar Children/ Cancer is considered water which creates a wonderful and watery balance to this time of heat and sun.

Odd as it may seem in this time of heat and sultry evenings, it is also when the days begin to grow shorter but only by approximately 2 minutes a day so we still have 3 moons of summer fun in which to frolic, rest, and recharge in the sun.

In the Tarot, the card which denotes the Midsummer’s Mark is the Sun,(19) whom I call SOLUS.

SOLUS is a great messenger for us, and when he appears he is a magnificent manifestation of YES! He is all about attainment, success, wellness in all ways and action. SOLUS is all about warmth, heat, joy, enlightenment and clarity. His presence in a reading gives light and fire to all the cards around him, enhancing the potential as of yet unrealized in ourselves.

He is the fire of manifestation, of love, of dreams coming true, of hard work paying off , rewards and recovery of our inner light and selves. He feeds us with warmth, is the father of photosynthesis and nourishes us with inspiration, self-empowerment and the ability to take action.

In other words, he lights our inner fire so we can then use our new-found self-awareness to bring the potential possibilities we seek into fruition. He bestows upon us the duplicitous energies of caution and courage and shows us how to wield each one for our greater good and our higher purpose.

As fire nourishes, it can also be destructive!

It makes complete sense this Fire sign is at his peak of heat in the watery sign of Cancer. In nature, as in ourselves, all is kept in natural balance and balance is the key to acceptance, peace, love and harmony. The Summer Solstice signals a time of balance between day and night, dark and light, the sun and moon and waking and sleeping.

We manifest everything in nature and on this day of fiery balance it is perfect time to take action upon your dreams. SOLUS is above, around and within you, giving you the power, fire, and drive to take your future into your hands and actively create your destiny. Don’t wait and wonder about where life will take you, don’t hesitate to choose a path.

SOLUS is about action, and sometimes it does not matter so much which action we take, only that we take one with our heart, soul and passion. Spin the Wheel of your Life and if it does not land exactly where you want, spin it again with joy.

Life is a constant fluid journey.

It is both privilege and gift, live it fully and joyfully, allow SOLUS to illuminate the shadowy corners of indecision in your life and utilize his fire to take action! Use the Summer Solstice to dance balance back into your life.

The Sun Card/SOLUS is allied with quartz crystals, diamonds, fire opals, amber and all tree resins. His metal is gold. Herbs of the Sun are all things fiery and warming, cayenne peppers, ginger and garlic to name a few. Fiery flowers are of course the magnificent Sunflowers, and all dark orange and red flowers.
Surround yourself with a few of these things on the Solstice, stand in the sun in the heat of the day and allow SOLUS to illuminate all areas of your life and subconscious.

Live actively and emphatically and most of all, let the Sun Shine in!

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