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I am a Wellness-Life Coach & Energy Practitioner. I was born EXTREMELY SENSITIVE to universal energies around me. My soul is ancient and my frequency is high. I have been called an “OPEN VESSEL PRODIGY” to universal energies.

Describe how you first found out about your psychic abilities.

When I was a young child about two to three years of age (earliest memories), I could see and/or hear non-physical positive and negative energies and entities known as CHANNELING. I channeled and continue to channel non-physical energies such as guides, Ascended Masters, the deceased, angels, other-world beings, entities, etc. which is also known as SPIRITUAL CHANNELING.

During this time I learned the art of HEALING ENERGY. I honed my healing skills while I was a child upon dogs, cats, birds, plants and myself. I did not practice on humans, as I did not want anyone to know that I was “different” and kept it secret. Also, I became aware of picking-up on people’s emotional energies also known as an EMPATH. By the time I was six, I could take the healing energy from within my heart, transform it into light energy and send it to someone who was hurt and needed their body to heal.

Quick Factsvidinterviewanime

Reading Types: Psychic, Tarot Card, Love/Relationship Compatibility, Finance/Career Advice
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Professional Since: 1980
Language Spoken: English
Country of Residence: Canada

When I was eight, my gifts really started to be shown to me. I had my first ASTRAL TRAVELING experience which known as the art of LUCID PROJECTING. I left my physical body and explored other physical or non-physical locations. Someone gave me an object, I saw and smelled things that I could not explain, which I now know is called the art of PSYCHOMETRY. I have the ability to touch an object, item or person and receive information. One of the scariest moments was when I saw a car plowing into a fence. I did not tell anyone what I saw. A few weeks later on the news they reported a car plowed into a fence at a school. Luckily no one was hurt. This was the beginning of my PREMONITIONS where I would sense/feel an upcoming event. A friend of mine wrote down things that I would see. One of the things I saw over 20 years ago was watching myself watching TV and seeing a plane crashing into a tower then another one doing the same thing. Nothing happened for a while so I chucked it up to nothing… until 9/11. I now do not take what I see lightly anymore and I am very mindful of what is shown to me.

Through the years I learned more about myself and grateful for the following gifts – As a RETROCOGNITOR I acquire information from past lives or from the intervals between physical lives where the consciousness lived in non-physical dimensions. I FEEL AURAS or the electromagnetic energy field around us. One interesting gift is the art of BIBLIOMANCY, where I am guided to Religious Book(s), given a passage(s) and interpret it for the situation.

What have you done to develop your abilities?

I developed my MASTER OF CHANNELING. I clearly hear (CLAIRAUDIENCE) and/or have clear sensing/feelings/knowing of what is around me (CLAIRSENTIENCE) and have the ability to pick up sensations and relate messages from those sensations.

Describe your skills.

I use tools such as Native Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Spirit Guides, Angels and a Pendulum to deliver mindful and meaningful advice.

PREMONITIONS – One consistent question I get is why can I not pick the lottery numbers. Well, I wish I could use this for lotteries, but I am only able to use it to help not profit from. The one thing that I have learned about this is that the future that it is not set in stone. It is because consciousnesses still has freewill and with it the capacity of choice and change the future.

CHANNELING HEALING ENERGIES: I have learned, continue to learn and practice the following:

BodyTalk (Certified Access Practitioner): BodyTalk Access provides you with a simple set of energy-based techniques to make health maintenance and the management of daily health challenges accessible. A majority of your day-to-day health and stress-related concerns can very easily be addressed with the BodyTalk Access routine, when done on a regular basis. This routine helps to re-establish internal lines of communication within the mind and body. This ultimately helps you have more resiliency towards stress and any other factors that can be detrimental to long-term health.

CHAKRA HEALING (Certified as a Practitioner): Everyone has an invisible energy system called chakras. The word Chakra means energy disc, vortex, or wheel. There are seven circular vortexes of energy (or sometimes pictured as flowers with petals) starting from your tailbone and ending at the crown of your head. They are the focal points of your life force, or Prana and their individual states are vital to your holistic well being. For example, If you are losing or leaking energy at the base Chakra located at the bottom of your spine, you may feel depressed, anxious and exhausted. If any of your chakras are frozen or weak, different areas of your life will be more challenging depending on which Chakra is weak.

CRYSTAL HEALING (Certified as a Practitioner): Crystal Healing has been used by many different peoples throughout history, including the Chinese, Egyptians, the Hawaiian islanders and the Hopi Indians of Arizona. It involves placing various types of crystals or gemstones, from quartz to jade, on parts of the body corresponding to the Chakras. Each type of crystal emanates a unique healing vibration, which when selected correctly aids in unblocking the Chakras.

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (Certified Practitioner): EFT is a form of alternative psychotherapy that eliminates unresolved traumatic memories and experiences that may be holding you back and blocking your Chakras in your current reality. EFT is a powerful self-help method based on research showing that emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease. Clinical trials have shown that EFT tapping is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress. Once the distress is reduced or removed, the body can often rebalance itself, and accelerate healing. EFT uses elements of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy, and combines them with Acupressure, in the form of fingertip tapping on 12 acupuncture points.

SOLUTION FOCUSED INQUIRY (studying right now): Solution Focused Inquiry is based on POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY and focuses on (1) Positive Emotions which is concerned with being content with one’s past, being happy in the present and having hope for the future, (2) Positive Individual Traits focus on one’s strengths and virtues, (3) Positive Institutions are based on strengths to better a community of people.

Usui Reiki (Certified Practitioner): Healing, Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. It balances the energies in the body and strengthens life force energy. It cultivates and manifests both the quality of compassion and wisdom in ones life. When using Reiki, you will feel a great deal of relaxation.

Qigong (On the way to being a Practitioner): Qigong is a powerful system of healing and energy medicine from China. It is the art and science of using breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the life energy (Qi). Qigong practice leads to better health and vitality and a tranquil state of mind. In the past, Qigong was also called Nei Gong (inner work) and Dao yin (guiding energy).

Is there anything else you would like to share about your abilities?

I use my natural born universal gifts, my educational background in Western and Energy Psychology, Education, Life Coaching and Energy Healing as a Practitioner to help heal the mind, body, spirituality, pain (chronic, emotional and physical), career and relationships including with friends, family, work, management, etc.

I can help guide you in your decision making such as career path. Further, I can help you organize your thoughts by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and motivate you to accomplish them.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Honours Psychology Degree, Bachelor of Education Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Masters in Life Coaching, Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT – also known as tapping) Practitioner and presently working towards my Certification as a Solution-Focused Coach.

Usui Reiki, Chakra, Crystals, Sound, Colour, and BodyTalk (Access) and currently working towards a Master Qigong certification.

I further use POSITIVE and ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY to help a person move past the obstacles in their lives. Positive Psychology refers to “using your signature strengths every day to produce authentic happiness and abundant gratification.” (Martin Seligman) Energy Psychology refers to using Universal Energies to heal.

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