Interview With a Psychic: Demeter

Learn more about Demeter, a Medium and Psychic who can be reached on our telephone network.

Describe how you first found out about your psychic abilities.

My mother is psychic and so are other members of my family. I would have to say that ever since I was a little girl it was natural to have psychic always tuned into others feelings and sensitive enough that I could predict what would happen to people I listened to. I was a very curious child and believed in angels and always talked to them. I knew they were my protectors and that they surrounded me. I was a risk taker and a tomboy.

Over and over my angels protected me in supernatural ways. For instance, once I climbed a tree very high. I loved to climb trees and show my older brother that I could do anything he could do. So I was showing off and I climbed to a very high point in the tree while my brother told me I was too high and that I would fall. But my pride was at stake so I went even higher and then I sat on a little branch. All of a sudden I heard a crack then down, down I went tumbling and falling fast. I knew I was in serious trouble and in my head I called out to my angels and I landed on my back. My angels did help because I did not have any injury whatsoever.

Quick Facts

Reading Types: Psychic, Tarot Card, Astrology, Dream Interpretation, Medium, Love/Relationship Compatibility, Finance/Career Advice
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Professional Since: 1983
Language Spoken: English
Country of Residence: United States

What have you done to develop your abilities?

When I was younger I just listened to my intuitiveness and I was always looking outside of the box. I read many books about the mysteries of life and death. Heaven and hell, right and wrong, all that good stuff. I wanted to know everything that was hidden, secret and even taboo. There were not lots of books on how to be psychic. I read all of Jeanne Dixon books and also Uri Geller. Uri really fascinated me with his gifts of bending the spoon with his mind.

I mostly prayed and after I would mediate on a question soon the answer would come quickly to me. Also, as a child I had many dreams that I would know as either a warning or a blessing to come. I definitely have had many experiences with dreams that came true. As I became older I learned how to tune in my psychic abilities with meditation and raising my vibrations. Having some mixed blood in me with Native American, I have also spent time with a special Shaman who gave me personal sessions with special ceremonies that I believe opened me even more up to the spiritual world and blessing my gifts so others can be blessed.

Describe your skills.

I give very clear answers for a reading. My sessions are fantastic because as soon as a person is talking I will be picking up on things. This happens because I tune into the vibrations of their voice. Every person is different so every reading is unique. With one person, I might see images or dates. With other people it can be a relative that has passed or it can be just a knowing in my gut. Right before a reading I will ask in my spirit what tool to use for a person for an answer for their questions or concerns. For example, I might use the runes for one, the other my special Pendulum, another person the tarot and I use a crystal ball plus I always use my clairvoyant skills. Nothing is too hard or complicated. I always look for the answer, the right answer from above for that particular person. I never judge, always encourage and give the person enlightenment that is from spirit, not from me. I love when I pick up on something that the person is not expecting and surprising them with an answer that can only come from the invisible world whether I pick up their Aunt Martha who has been dead for several years or a pregnancy that they have not told anyone about. I never lead a client but always speak what I am hearing or seeing with my third eye.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

Yes, I can communicate with these spirits. I have communicated with my own deceased relatives. Years ago, I predicted the death of my step father one month before he passed. I call my dad and warned him but he did not listen. I also called some of my family members and said right out that I was afraid he would die. They all laughed at me and assured me he was ok. Now I talked to him all the time but he lived out-of-state but in my heart I just knew something was wrong. The night before he passed, my grandmother, his mom who had been dead for 8 months appeared in my room late one night. She told me she was taking my dad home and I knew that she meant to be with her. This gave me the peace that when he did die the next day, I knew that he was with his mother and in a good place. It was like my grandmother knew that I would be heartbroken but that he was in good hands with her. My dad also would come sit on my bed after that and just talk to me and I too him.

I have helped other people with their loved ones passing and yes I have done in on demand when requested. I do not take it lightly and it is a privilege and honor to do this.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want to?

Yes I can turn them off or on. I like to make sure my chakras are open and that my third eye has been activated to a high state or vibration. I quiet my mind and still my spirit so I can hear more clearly what another person needs to deal with. I like only to give answers that are clear and concise without any distractions in my mind . It never gets in the way of a normal life . It seems so natural to me. I trust my intuition when I give a reading because I know it is coming from up above for them and I love to experience that.

What is life like living with these abilities?

I would have to say it has not made life more difficult. If anything it is easier because when situations come I know that I can tune into the supernatural and find the answer. I am very blessed because I can see outside of the box and look for help when I need it. Guidance is all around us, we just need to look up and at the signs. Angels leave signs, whether it be an encouragement thru a friend or a favorite song to life up your spirit . Life is meant to be enjoyed and fun and people forget that .

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

Absolutely. Everyone has been born with a third eye, a guidance check in their spirit, a gut feeling saying yes or no and the ability to learn how to use their psychic abilities. Some people think it is only for the special or passed down generations. I say no it is in all of us. Mostly it sleeps and lies dormant until it is awakened and used. It takes an open mind with total focus. It is a sense just like smelling or tasting. You have to use it every day and get it stronger like a muscle Everyone is psychic it is just a choice whether to use it or keep it close.

You can go to special schools or train with someone who has already mastered this. Some people are very telepathic and others do astrology . Find out what area your strength is and what you would like to develop . I can read auroras, chakras , be telepathic and I can tell when people are lying just by looking at their breath or speech patterns. But this has taken years and I am alway s learning something new. You have to believe in yourself and that you have remarkable abilities that you can bless others with. Be the gift that you were born with and help make this world a better place !

What do you like best about working with PsychicNetworkers?

Working with Psychicnetworkers is great because it give me as a psychic the opportunity to receive clients calls from so many places. Getting calls from such a diverse group of people and with different states I can help and provide the answers that clients need and are searching for. It’s easy for a client and trustworthy. It’s such a blessing to communicate with clients and easy for them too. I am just a phone call away and it takes is a second to get through to me and I will always to my best to help.

Do you get readings for yourself?

I do have a special reader that gives me plenty of insight and guidance. I am so easy to read for because my vibes are so high and I am so open to a good read. I am too impatient for a reading for myself although if I quiet my mind I can do this.

When I go to a psychic, I first of all want to feel comfortable. I don’t want the psychic to ask me lost of questions expect my name or birth date. I don’t like to be led, instead I let the reader get the answers I need. I like a clear path not general answers that anyone can say. I want the psychic to not judge me or give me answers that come from their own judgments or ideas instead of what really Spirit wants them to know.

When you are finished with a reading you should feel like you have a better understanding of where you are headed or whatever issue you are questioning about. You should have a pretty good feeling and never doom and gloom but a better perspective about your life.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your abilities?

Sometimes I can be creepy and give people goose bumps . I don’t scare people, I never believe in fear. But I have had some people tell me that they get worried that I can see their secrets and lots of times I do. I might not say anything especially if it is hurtful or embarrass them. I do like to tell the truth. I can be very telepathic and see things in the invisible.

Once I took a friend to a chakra session and I was just observing it all. The teacher had hot rocks on each of her chakras. Some rocks were big and small, all different and all from different areas that the teacher had collected them from. Well during one session I could actually see on her fourth chakra the rock glowing and pulsing at the same time. Nobody else could. I also knew in my spirit what the rock was doing. I was aware that the rock was pulling out all her sickness thru the energy of the teachers guidance. It was actually pulsing like a heartbeat. I told the tea cher and friend what I saw and she said that the rock was very hot on her. Anyway the teacher said I could read energy and that I was very in tuned with nature. It might be weird but it showed me that everything is life and filled with energy.

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