Interview With an Astrologer: Ministargazer

Describe how you first found out about your psychic abilities.

In 1972, at the age of twenty during a seance held at the family home with my sister participating, I became introduced to the spirit world and commenced spirit communication in the form of automatic handwriting, trance channelling and direction through dreams and visions. At the time, I was a student of the Rosicrucian mystic society studying astrology and was also playing piano. At that time also I was illuminated and given information about a previous lifetime as a black musician who lived in the Deep South of the United States during the Depression and early WW2 era. I decided to take a trip to California to check out the details of the information given me and embarked on a journey that later led to a book manuscript and movie script entitled “Go Back Jack”. Returning from the U.S.A., I proceeded to study and practise astrology in Canada and then worked on several psychic phone lines from 1994-2004 in Alberta and one American line .

Quick Facts

Reading Types: Psychic, Tarot Card, Astrology, Love/Relationship Compatibility
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Professional Since: 1972
Language Spoken: English
Country of Residence: Canada

Call: 1-888-813-2277 ext.17370

What have you done to develop your abilities?

As a student of the Rosicrucian teachings and also affiliated with the Self Realization Fellowship teachings of Yogananda Paramahansa, I continued to study astrology and mysticism. I was able to teach astrology locally in the evenings in two different provinces and give several talk shows on local radio stations. I was interviewed by The Hamilton Spectator and a photo and an article about “Stargazer” appeared in 1974.

Describe your skills.

During a psychic reading I may go off in one of three different directions: clairvoyance, including remote viewing (seeing the colour of your car, the outside of your house, the name of your next door neighbour etc.) or I may slip into an astrological reading based on your birthdate and finally, sometimes the Tarot will direct me to give information and assistance.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

I started by attending a seance in 1972 in which I spoke to spirits on the other side, one of whom claimed to be Jimi Hendrix, who had died in 1970 and he gave me information, including music lyrics and poetry as well as a mission to complete for him which I later did in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Other spirits helped me to channel angelic music and I was also given a drawing explaining the dimensions of the Spirit World which They called called “The Spiritual Diamond”, which I later had made into a white gold pendant that I wear around my neck. To my knowledge, there is no other pendant design like it in the world.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want to?

Sometimes in dreams I get important information. Following the advice of the famous psychic Edgar Cayce, I still record my dreams, many of which are precognitive. There is one person, now famous, who is still alive who I have known for over forty years who still visits me in dreams (soul travel). I like to get away into nature to be close to God to awaken my soul powers.

What is life like living with these abilities?

After learning details of my previous lifetime as a musician, I was able to bring through, many of the songs that he wrote and was able to use them in this lifetime in the bands that I performed in. I also recorded them as a potential sound track for the movie script I wrote. For a time the two lifetimes became entangled and I felt impelled to go back and try to relive the old life instead of living the one I have now, In no way did these abilities ever make life more difficult, in fact, they enhanced my present life and I enjoyed contact with the spirit world very much. (I miss it.)

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

It is an emotional experience and you have to be somewhat disconnected from the material world or disinterested in ambition, fame, money etc. to be psychic. If you are religious it is an asset and I pray the Lord’s Prayer in both English and Latin before beginning any psychic work. If you feel downtrodden, victimized or persecuted, it may be that the angels are closer to you and you may share a special bond with them. The spiritual world is not interested in those ambitious for money or success in this world.

What do you like best about working with PsychicNetworkers?

From the quiet seclusion of my home I can get in touch with your soul and provide for you a better channelling in order to assist you by putting myself aside. It is better sometimes to act on the spur of the moment when you seek assistance, for when the time in right, the answers come more readily. A psychic telephone line is the best medium for this.

Do you get readings for yourself?

I am constantly looking at my Ephemeris to see what influences the planets are having on not only my life but on the world in general. I my post my predictions on the internet for others to read. Many have come true.

I may seek another psychic’s advice but ultimately will follow my own path.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your abilities?

Aside from writing the book about my past life, I am presently writing a book about the spirit communication that I had with Jimi Hendrix back in the 1970’s and the mission that he gave me to complete for him and hope to finish it this year.

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