Interview With A Psychic: Alli Infinity

We hope you enjoy getting to know Alli Infinity, an expert Psychic providing Video readings!

Describe how you first found out about your psychic abilities.

I believe that everyone is gifted with psychic abilities, yet some people tend to be more sensitive and aware of them than others. There had been many influences on me as a child that would naturally awaken one’s abilities such as being in nature, eating a healthy diet and being spiritually nurtured and encouraged by a close loved one. Although it wasn’t fully accepted by my family I was able to practice communicating with spirit and felt safe to explore these gifts most of my life. I have been helping people through transition, grief, relationship and career troubles, indecision and anxiety. My gifts tend to be facilitated without any tools, yet I can work with cards when requested. There seems to have been a natural understanding of multiple dimensions from a young age and I have been blessed with being able to understand the communications from the other side.

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Reading Types: Psychic, Tarot Card, Dream Interpretation, Medium, Love/Relationship Compatibility, Finance/Career Advice
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Professional Since: 2003
Language Spoken: English
Country of Residence: United States

What have you done to develop your abilities?

I have taken a few workshops over the years that involve training the psychic mind, but I have found my most significant training was in nature on solo retreat. I received information that changed my life and I recognized my gifts more than ever before. Meditation is the tool for most healers and mediums to help refine their gifts and this is definitely true for me as well. I have done several meditation retreats and trainings and continue to develop myself spiritually as I hope to help others in the process.

Describe your skills.

When a connection is made my spirit is able to understand your karmic position in your life. I am able to understand where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. I typically begin a reading by letting you ask a question or tell me what kind of reading you are looking for. When we establish a connection, usually through your name and birthday, we can move forward with the reading. I love helping people through many different issues as there are many different paths that lay ahead of us. Having the ability to see which path is for your highest good can help accelerate the process you need to learn in order to live your dreams. This world is all about learning about compassion, love and acceptance. As I channel spirit, messages that would help release any fears and blockages come through to guide you to your destiny.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

Yes. Communicating with those who have passed is one of the many benefits to understanding oneness. As spirits leave the body they are not separate from the energies that continue to exist here on earth. Therefore if we tune into the right frequency we can channel these spirits that are loving you from the other side. Sometimes spirits do not choose to come forth and allow others to be at the forefront for one reason or another. Therefore when someone is expecting a specific person to come through they may be disappointing when another loved one comes through for someone else. This is the flow of karma and spirit will allow what is meant to come through. I have communicated with most of my loved ones who have passed and enjoy sensing them around me from time to time.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want to?

Over the years I have been able to develop the technique of turning it on or off. There are times when it isn’t off when I have wanted it to be because of the importance of the message coming through. It took a long time to understand how to do this for myself and now that I can protect myself the way I need to, I don?t worry about being intruded by any weird energies.

What is life like living with these abilities?

I think it?s an amazing way to live, and the natural way to live, it’s our society that is built up around false and ignorant beliefs that makes living with this awareness seem hard, weird or strange. I feel that connecting to nature and tapping into subtle energies has been a practice of humans for thousands of years and there is a call for people from all over the world, from all walks of life to become more attuned to subtle and psychic energies. There are great benefits to being sensitive, it takes time for everyone because everyone is different, but each person can develop their own way of living with their gift.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

Yes, everyone can develop these skills because I see it is our natural way of living. Spending time in nature is what I see as the most important source of developing these gifts, and meditation being up there alongside it.

What do you like best about working with PsychicNetworkers?

I like the access to many different people from around the world. I want to help many different people awaken to their highest potentials and live peaceful and healthy lives. I love having the access to reach out to many different people and connect to a spiritual community through the internet that connects us globally.

Do you get readings for yourself?

Of course! I don?t really see everything that I think I need to see to make the best decisions so I see other advisors quite regularly. I always look for someone who doesn’t jump to any conclusions and give me dates and details that I don’t ask for. I’m usually looking for someone to tune in to the different energy frequencies of different choices and help them see what I see by communicating the messages from spirit that will help them choose a path that serves their highest good. I read myself when it something simple and not blocked or challenging. I?m human too!

Is there anything else you would like to share about your abilities?

I spent months in the jungle connecting to spirit and nature and had some awesome experiences and channeled some amazing messages. Ask me in my free chat and I?ll tell you all about it!

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