Interview With a Tarot Expert: Gentle Wizard

Describe how you first found out about your psychic abilities.

I wasn’t really aware that I had any of these abilities until very recently. I was always a good listener. I empathized with the person talking, and I deeply understood and felt their hardships and warmed to their successes. Helping them to understand what was going on and outlining the various steps they were to take in their lives; giving them suggestions and gentle guidance: those were the things that I knew I had a strength with. And I found that the advice I gave, when it was well-taken resulted in the people I was helping feeling very positive and satisfied. More recently, when I became a psychic I delved deeper into this area, and found that, with the Tarot I was able to help people not only in literal ways (by giving them advice etc) but by helping them to understand the greater cosmic purpose to their situation, understand their role in it and how the universe will unfold before them. These skills just came naturally. The cards told me the story I had to tell the clients. And by in large, with very few exceptions my clients heard stories of hope and of happiness. There was to be work involved in getting there, but the cards helped me to show them the way.

Quick Facts

Reading Types: Tarot Card
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Professional Since: 2012
Language Spoken: English
Country of Residence: Canada

What have you done to develop your abilities?

As soon as I realized that I had this ability I wanted to put it to use to help my friends, firstly and then to expand it professionally. I took online courses (I am certified by the American Tarot Association), I read dozens of books, I attended fairs and workshops, and I did countless spreads, endeavoring to better understand my connection to the cards and to their message.

Describe your skills.

I must say, that I greatly enjoy the one on one interaction with a reading. I love the privacy. The direct face to face contact. People who ask me for a reading, want so much for me to give them direction and focus and hope. When that happens, you see their faces brighten instantly. So when I do a reading, there is that direct contact, where my client feels that my world consists of only them and the cards. I primarily use the Tarot for divination. I have many different decks to suit the environment and nature of the reading, and that (in my opinion) are best suited for my client. I want the cards themselves to resonate with the client along with the reading itself. The cards are powerful and have great purpose and their style and artwork are very important to help me connect to their message. Different decks give out different energies and readings. I also am very comfortable working with a variety of Angel and Oracle cards, depending of course upon the client’s wishes. I have had some experience with I-Ching, and I have found clients have been given very uplifting and encouraging answers with that as well. All of these experiences are well worth the time and cost.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

I do believe in what mediums can do, and have experienced it myself as a client, however I have not been able (nor have I explored in-depth this ability) to do this.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want to?

I sometimes smile and say “I hate it when I’m right”. I know that sounds profoundly arrogant but in fact its my predictions coming true. Whether it’s in my own life or, a friend or family or, more interestingly in a client’s life when they message me later and let me know that my predictions have either partially or fully come true. Clearly when someone has a talent, it doesn’t simply go away. But people know when and where and how to ‘take it out’. So just because I read Tarot doesn’t mean I do it for everyone who asks (for a free reading), and if I do feel something about a person, I never share these feelings unless a) they ask me or b) I’m close to them. It doesn’t mean the feelings aren’t there.

What is life like living with these abilities?

The ‘difficult’ part is people continuing messaging me asking for a reading just because I can and while I genuinely appreciate their trust in me, I don’t appreciate the part where they just assume that, because they know me, they can ‘comp’ a free reading. While I’m more than happy to do readings for my friends and family of my own accord, there are those who continually expect a free reading. Recognizing this ability in my life cleared so many things up for me. I feel that I was fated to discover the Tarot, like I was drawn to it. But I could never really understand how and I truly wasn’t even aware of these abilities nor did I have any real connection with the cards.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

There are skills, and there is talent. One is something that you can develop and one you are born with. Can anyone dance? Of course! Can anyone be a dancer? No. Can anyone use the tarot and consult the little white book and make a prediction? Of course they can. Can anyone be able to understand the connections between cards and see the connections the cards have to the universe and to the paths that the querent is asking about? Well probably not in any sort of consistent way, or with any certainty. Reading an instruction book about how to do something and doing it without the instruction book are two very different things. I think therefore that people can with some work and practice develop a certain level of success with this skill. The more they work at it, the better they get. They could even be able to become a licensed and professional psychic and they could be good at what they do! But they would have a cursory understanding of the talent that is behind what a true psychic does. I don’t pretend to be a full on psychic: I recognize the limitations of my own talents, but I also see that my ability to piece together what the cards are telling me is innate: something that was already there, just waiting to be joined to the Tarot deck.

What do you like best about working with PsychicNetworkers?

The first sense I got is of a close community of like-minded people working with a common goal in mind. Other psychics and managers were instantly welcoming and extremely helpful. Talking to some of the other psychics gave me a really good indication of what sort of people worked here as well as what sort of clientele the network had built up. There was no doubt in my mind that I had found a good place!

Do you get readings for yourself?

I do get readings for myself. I like to remind myself what it feels like to be a client. Generally though when I’m getting a reading done, I don’t tell the reader that I can work with the cards because I don’t want to make them feel nervous, like I’m trying to undermine their reading. I feel that I’m easy to read for mainly because I ask a question which I want asked in such a way as to be respectful to their professional skills. I am able to read for myself and I have built up a considerable unbiased attitude towards doing the readings for myself, and leave myself open to the cards and allow them to tell me what I need to hear at that time.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your abilities?

The best experiences I’ve had involve reading for people who are at the end of their rope: desperate for answers, for hope, for guidance. They are looking to the universe to help them. And I feel humbled and honoured that they look to me for this sort of assistance. People ask for tarot readings for a variety of reasons, and I’m more than happy to do readings for anyone who asks. But there are those few who are asking, not just because they believe in it (because otherwise why would you pay someone if you didn’t?) but because they are seeking some answers to some pretty fundamental and serious questions. They are in pivotal moments in their lives: moments they’ll look back upon and realize how important that Tarot reading was for them. Whether its finding the love of their life, or feeling that help or change is on the way: it truly doesn’t matter as long as the client walks away from a reading feeling that this was THE reading: meaningful and deep.

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