Interview With a Psychic: Thea

Describe how you first found out about your psychic abilities.

I first noticed I had special abilities that came naturally was when around 4-years-old. Something my family couldn’t help but notice and they found it slightly spooky at times but I was supported and encouraged by my Grandmother and Great Grandmother to develop my abilities. These gifts do seem to run in my family. My early abilities included precognitive dreams and things like just knowing when the phone was about to ring. I originally learned to do readings when I was 13-years-old for my own interest and self-help, it was not something I expected to do as a career. I practiced on my friends and I was acclaimed as being very accurate. Word got around and people kept approaching me for readings over the course of time. In my early twenties I began to do readings professionally by phone and in person at festivals and parties. Now nearly twenty-five years later I’ve done well over 100,000 readings in my professional career (and that&# 039;s a conservative estimate!)

Quick Facts

Reading Types: Psychic, Tarot Card, Dream Interpretation, Love/Relationship Compatibility, Finance/Career Advice
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Professional Since: 1981
Language Spoken: English
Country of Residence: United States

What have you done to develop your abilities?

Most of my training has been self-taught through books. I have studied Buddhism, Greek Mythology, and Sumerian Mythology and their associated magical systems. Since I was 13-years-old I have read everything I can get my hands on to do with Tarot Cards and Dream Analysis/Spiritual Exploration Through Dreams.

Describe your skills.

When I do a reading for someone, it is as if I am reading a fascinating book about his or her life, and I receive insight as to how the person’s story is currently unfolding and how they might influence things. My primary tools for divination are tarot cards. Dreams are my specialty and I delight in doing dream interpretation and can teach techniques to improve your dream recall and exercise some control within your dreams. I’ve been told I have a unique way of approaching a reading and an unusual ability to pinpoint messages from dreams.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

I do receive messages from spirits through readings. Even though I am not a medium, spirits seem to be able to communicate with me through my tarot cards which is something I can do on demand generally unless a spirit really does not want to talk. I have communicated many times with my own deceased relatives particularly through contact in dreams. My Grandmother was like a mother to me and she is still very much with me in spirit.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want to?

My abilities seem to be always ‘on’ but this does not get in the way of a normal life. I feel my abilities help me every day to navigate my life with extra knowledge. I do daily spiritual reverences with candles, incense and meditation and exercise my abilities often as a way to keep them strong.

What is life like living with these abilities?

The only way in which my abilities have made my life more difficult is just that I am extremely sensitive and sometimes I am overwhelmed by crowds especially depending on the energy of the crowd of people. However, conversely my abilities have made it easier to make lasting friendships and close connections with others because I have a very good sense of when I can trust someone and let them into my heart.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

I believe everyone is born with an ability to develop psychic skills. I see it as being like a muscle we are all born with and it is our choice to either develop and strengthen that muscle or let it be weak and dormant. Perhaps some people are born athletes in a sense with it and others a bit handicapped but for the most part I believe that anyone who exercises their psychic skills regularly will see them improve, just like even the most basic person can learn an exercise routine and gradually strengthen themselves but it does not happen overnight.

What do you like best about working with PsychicNetworkers?

It’s wonderful to be able to be seen and heard on video and show people the cards that I am working with in their reading. This seems to me to be a great benefit to clients compared to phone readings where they only hear my voice and can not see my facial expressions or my tools as I work with their energy.

Do you get readings for yourself?

I do occasionally read for myself, which I believe everyone can do even though it is harder to be objective with yourself. When the subject is one that is hard for me to be objective I have several trusted readers who I allow to advise me. I am told I am easy to read for.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your abilities?

I have had so many metaphysical experiences I would not know where to start to talk about all of them. For example I have several first hand ghost stories and many times that I have dreamed of true things I could not have known about any other way. I have been able to find lost objects for friends and relatives as well as clients on occasion. For clients I am willing to discuss all subjects with an open mind. I am excellent with relationships and love life questions, as well as, financial and career questions. I can read with a specific question or give general forecasts without any information. I love to help others better understand messages from their dreams and I feel strongly that dreams are a direct hotline to your intuition and can be used as a great jumping off point for spiritual exploration.

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