Interview With a Psychic: Rayne

Describe how you first found out about your psychic abilities.

My abilities began to surface around the age of 4 years old. As a child growing up with my gifts it was difficult. My connection to the spirit world left me feeling at times afraid and confused. Needless to say I had quite a few imaginary friends growing up. My gift of foresight continually shocked and amazed my parents. My ability to heal others I found was quite useful as I was doing this all without even knowing about it. Because I was born with these abilities I grew up thinking that everyone had them. When I realized that I was indeed unique and different from others, I began to feel alienated from other children.

I was often teased for being so different. Being adopted from birth of course did not help in connecting with others and knowing that I was adopted at such a young age made me very confused and alone. In 2011 I had finally found my birth parents , and with finding my biological family came the knowledge that for generations all of the women in our family carried and shared these same gifts as I. Finding this out was and still is a true blessing for me giving me the confidence to share these gifts with others.

Quick Facts

Reading Types: Psychic, Tarot Card, Medium, Love/Relationship Compatibility, Finance/Career Advice
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Professional Since: 2101
Language Spoken: English
Country of Residence: United States

Call: 1-888-813-2277 ext 17224

What have you done to develop your abilities?

I am a Reiki Master and have taken a course to become a Certified Angel Card Reader.

Describe your skills.

When I give a reading I connect to the person’s energy. When the connection is made then the images begin to appear in my mind along with bundles of information. I work directly with the guides of the person that I am reading as well with my own. No reading is ever the same and the information that I get comes directly from source. I love Angel Number Interpretation readings as the persons Angels have a unique message for that person. I can see what has happened in the past and was will happen I’m the future. I use Tarot and Angel cards ,but mostly rely solely on my intuition and foresight. Pregnancy and medium ship readings are some of my favorite to do as they can bring closure and peace to the client.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

I can communicate with those who have passed and this is done telepathically. They will sow me images and speak to me giving me information and messages for the client. I can communicate with those who have passed on demand as long as the spirit is willing and wanting to communicate. It is rare but does happen where a spirit will say ” It is none of your business.” I have channeled my deceased father to help bring closure to my Aunt who was in dire need of it.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want to?

When I sit down to do a reading I light a white candle and simply say. I now open myself up to communicate with my guides and angels as well as the guides and angels of the person that I am reading for. I begin to get information telepathically even before I have finished speaking these words. Having psychic abilities used to get in the way of trying to have a functional life at times but over the years I have learned to shut them off when I need to.

What is life like living with these abilities?

When I was young living with these abilities made life more difficult but as an adult I have found that they have made life much easier and gives me an advantage in most matters.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

I do believe and know to be true that you must embrace your abilities rather than run from them. Once you embrace your gifts you will learn how to control them which is very important. Living in fear always makes things worse.

What do you like best about working with PsychicNetworkers?

The gift of being able to help others in such a unique way is so rewarding.

Do you get readings for yourself?

I do get readings for myself and I rely solely on my intuition when it comes to choosing a Psychic. I am fairly easy to read for. I also do readings for myself but it always helps to have someone who is not emotionally attached to my situation to read for me.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your abilities?

I have so many stories from my life about predicting things that had not happened yet but my most interesting is a story in which healing miracles has happened. This past year I had a room-mate whose girlfriend was on dialysis and her body was rejecting her kidney transplant. I made a crystal elixir for her and did a session of Angel Reiki with her and over night she was miraculously healed and her body began to accept Herr kidney. I also healed my aunt of cervical cancer and a 7-year-old child on leukemia this same way. These are my greatest accomplishments. I am truly blessed.

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