Interview With a Psychic: Mystic Sage

Describe how you first found out about your psychic abilities.

Since childhood I have always been perceived as different, having great curiosity and always questioning things, where most would just accept. As a toddler I could communicate with nature, always talking to the trees, rocks and animals. They were my friends and I had no fear of these beings. It drove my mother crazy, because she would hear me talking and could see what she called the “little people around me”. I was blessed to have a family that recognized and fostered my intuitive and psychic abilities so I never closed down like most do past childhood.

My Grandmother was a known as a folk healer, and she began my training with tarot cards and the symbols contained in them before I could read or write. She trilled me with stories about ET’S, healing properties of plants, as well as energy healing techniques. She instilled a sense of adventure that has led me on my quest for knowledge and understanding that is different from the accepted norm.

I was an adult when the realization came that most people didn’t see, hear, or have that internal sense of knowing how to communicate with their Soul and the unseen realms nor the desire to explore the unknown like me.

Quick Facts

Reading Types: Psychic, Tarot Card, Astrology, Dream Interpretation, Medium, Love/Relationship Compatibility,
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Professional Since: 1987
Language Spoken: English
Country of Residence: United States

Call: 1-888-813-2277 ext.17245

What have you done to develop your abilities?

On this quest I studied various cultures, religions, and philosophies and especially fascinated by the esoteric arts of astrology, numerology, dreams, symbols, astral travel, as well as, the energetic healing arts, herbalogy, aromatherapy, color and sound therapy.

Through the years I have been blessed with teachers in the Shamanic arts of Native American Indians, Hawaiian Kahuna’s, Mexican and Peruvian Curanderos, Eastern Yogi’s traditions, and many known folk healers. This was accompanied by an intense background in the Esoteric Mystery Schools, works of Alice Bailey, Jungian psychology, the Seven Rays, and other Occult and metaphysical teachings. All of these traditions have had a significant influence on developing and heightening my abilities.

At an early age the path of the mystic called. My life quest has been one to seek a greater truth which has developed and expanded my conscious awareness clairaudience, clairsentience and intuitive abilities. As I became more aware creating a stronger bond to my Higher self / Spirit, while increasing my connection with nature. I began to understand the language of Spirit and hear the sound currents, which opened the doors to many dimensions and realities of the unseen worlds. Developing my own innate wisdom, intuition and discernment to become a co-creator of my own life filled with great joy and abundance.

Coming into this life one of my agreements was made with the Plant Kingdom to write a book. “Their evolution is fulfilled by serving humanity and ours is to tend and nurture their existence and transform their essence with in us.” “An essential relationship for life to continue as we know it!”

I have over 27 years as a professional Reader and healer as a Registered Massage Practitioner; The Upledger Institute has certified me in the techniques of Cranio-Sacral I and II. I have achieved accreditation as a Master NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Time Line Therapist. In addition I have studied many Hands-On-Healing techniques, for example; polarity, emotional release, acupressure and meridian energy flow, Bio-Magnetics, Pranic healing, past life regressions, Soul recovery, and Aromatherapy to name a few.

My training included a program to develop Intuitive Perception and Awareness. This has contributed to my ability to diagnose energy conditions through empathic skills, psychometry, and clairvoyance to see auras, clairaudience to hear messages from Spirit.

Describe your skills.

Clairvoyant, psychic medium, clairsentience abilities for reading the energy field and aura, (person / place / or vortex) around and / or attached to one. I am like a soul detective researching the thought forms or unconscious beliefs, past life connections, and/ or karmic ties that are influencing the situation.

I am gifted with the ability to cross dimensional borders and communicate directly with One’s soul and higher self to perceive the core of an issue. I access and search through Akashic records to find the origin or root of an issue; be it in past, present or future lives, reprogram their soul to release old programs and directives that keep them in patterns of limitation or stuck on life themes. I root out and help them release ancestral imprints, unconscious belief’s, vows, agreements, contracts, oaths that perpetuate distortion and maintain parts of self to remain fragmented. These visions of wisdom and techniques I use can guide the Higher Self to resolve the issue and move out of the pattern, thus resolving the energy blocks.

Specialty? Any unique services?

I really get excited about doing Destiny/ Love Card Readings. An ancient system that uses Tarot/Astrology/Numerology to reveal cycles for appropriate timing to make life choices /changes in all areas of life be it career, money, travel, romance, and relationships dynamics.

A very detailed portrait of the personality and soul potentials of an individual can be revealed, for understanding how an individual relates to the world and their drives in life, their values and core issues they struggle with. It can reveal the basis of those relationships, the karmic connections and past life roles they played with each other. It is a powerful tool to more effectively relate to family members, relationship partners, co-workers, and friends. Giving great insight to better communicate and relate in ways that can lessen the misunderstanding and respond with greater love that will be accepted in the way the other party can perceive it. Often this awakens compassionate understanding which can lead to forgiveness and healing.

What happens to you when you read?

I feel that it is a gift to be given the opportunity to be a part of someone’s life, and I hold the space for them to find and recognize their own magnificence.

Being able to shine the light of clarity upon an obstacle allows looking at it from a different perspective, which is the basis of transformation. Most people don’t know what it is that they truly desire, and think what they want is the answer. So often, once they achieve “that” they discover it wasn’t at all what they desired. I help people find clarity, inspire them to realize they have access to unlimited potential of possibilities, when they strive to achieve that connection to source / spirit. Making that bond requires greater conscious awareness, which will lead to the realization that there is more to life than what is known or have been taught.

Traveling into the unknown can be very scary, and paralyzing to many. I am all about change and embrace it fully, which has given me an understanding for perceiving rhythms / cycles / patterns of energy flows, helping people to navigate these currents is very exhilarating. So what was once scary becomes scary-site (scary but exciting at the same time), and that feeling can become the “wind under their sail”, lifting them to greater heights and consciousness.

Once you get out of the trees and look down at the forest, the path through it becomes visible, lifting the fog of hopelessness and despair in order to attain courage and faith. Helping my clients to recognize that the insurmountable obstacles they perceive are just annoyances or opportunity; to re-align, refocus, redirect and / or fine tune their intentions. This allows them to learn from the experience and overcome and evolve beyond that limitation.

My clients tell me that they are soothed with my compassionate, non-judgmental acceptance, and allowance for them to be who they are. They feel safe and loved enough to acknowledge their deepest and darkest fears, so they can heal the scars and free themselves from the energy. Watching and standing with my clients as they learn to grow when facing their fears, is a gift they give me, so that I am able to actualize greater compassionate love. I might not speak to a client for years, but I am the person they think to call when they come up to a crossroad of change and need help to discern which direction is in their highest good.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

I communicate with myriad of multi-dimensional life forms and photograph them as well, to name a few: Angels, Masters, and Higher Self of Client, ghosts, ancestors I can access the Akashic records of a client to research past lives, view templates of the body mind and spirit for distortions creating problems and repetitive patterns of limitation. I love working with Nature Spirits, Plant Devas, Fairy’s, Elves, Water Sprites, Tree Nymphs, Elementals, Sylphs, Mineral Devas, group Souls of an Animal species.

I look through one’s energy field for any type of attachment / portal / cord that is discordant in nature, might it be from: entity, discarnate, ET’s, extra Souls, lost souls, dark beings, or discordant thought forms / belief’s residing in one’s body/ mind /spirit/ aura, or in their house/ car/ land. Then I do the necessary action for the problem to be release so balance and harmony can be restored.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want to?

Through the years of developing my abilities they have led me to a place of greater conscious awareness. There is no on or off button, “It just is”. I don’t have the need or is it my job to do something about information that comes through me. I have learned the hard way, if I have not been asked not to try to fix, or point out issues a person is struggling with. That comes through learning healthy boundaries and Divine allowance and acceptance of each individual’s path. When they are ready for help they will ask. For me it is very important that I have permission from one’s Soul to do any type of reading or energy work on them. There is a fine line between help and interference. I want to empower a person not make them co-dependent.

Do they get in the way of life?

I do find that it can be rather overwhelming and unpleasant to go into big stores especially with a lot of electronics, buzzing fluorescent lighting, crowds, silent alarms, I find driving that there are so many angry people, all these things have a way of knocking me off-center so I can’t think, I get lost, and feel like I have been beat up. I have to ground and re-align. Needless to say I spend most of my time at home surrounded by nature in pursuit of some creative endeavor.

What is life like living with these abilities?

As each of my psychic ability’s heightened it opened greater conscious awareness and the release of more and more limitation. It has been necessary to live outside of the mass consciousness belief’s and thought forms that hold together that reality, in order to stand in my own reality which allows miracles to be common place. Letting go of cherished beliefs and learnings of how the world operates has been rather painful at times. Getting out of my own way and remembering the truth of who I am, has been an incredible journey! I live a life that I truly love! My greatest wish and desire is for everyone to achieve their own magnificent potential.

Along with this awareness comes a disconnection towards things that are distractions such as TV, drama, conflict, need to crusade beliefs and convert others to them, or purely materialistic pursuits. Expectations I have for others drop away and I am less offended by their actions, as does the need to be validated by others thoughts of who I am, because I know who I am and my own heart’s intent. That pain of non-acceptance is healed by draining the bitterness and resentments and learning to fill that space with love.

Along with this development is the realization and understanding of how energy field’s affects others and other dimensional beings in subtle ways. There becomes such a need to be responsible for one’s thoughts, actions and deeds to do no harm. Be in service to the greater good of all, as opposed to one’s own selfish needs, if that is not adhered to in one’s own life it starts to warp out of alignment. If you are out of alignment then it becomes easy to get pulled down by other people’s gravitational fields of negativity and sour dreams.

Life becomes simpler and easier, you are able to stay in the flow for longer periods and the life you have dreamed, you are living. I am not saying there are no challenges or problems you just face them in a different manner with the faith that a solution will present itself and resolve the matter as it should. My compass in life becomes synchronicity and I arrive at the right place at the right time. Healing the pain and trauma of the past and releasing the need to worry with the knowing and faith that I am the architect of my own life allows me to stay in the moment where all the magic happens.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

Everyone has psychic abilities some more developed than others. First impressions are a form of telepathy. The mental body likes to filter out intuitive information because it doesn’t come through its trusted rational logical thought process. To begin removing the filters can come about by acknowledging the impressions as they come in through whatever channel is primary for you, (meaning; sight, touch feeling, smell, hearing or thought). At first you might not be able to act upon the intuition, but the more you acknowledge it and the validity of information coming through this way becomes proven to the mind, it begins to release the filters for more information to flow through.

Learning how to ask you for information / solutions to problems is the ultimate guidance. In order for this information to be accessed the mind chatter needs to be stilled. If you keep focusing on the worry you get in the squirrel cage going round and round feeling more defeated with each turn.

Meditation is a wonderful way to assist in stilling inner peace. Not focusing on the problem directly maybe putting the mind to work on a menial task such as vacuuming, doing dishes, showering, get the picture so that the answer might come in as AH HA moment. (A light going off with “Oh I never thought of that possibility!”)

Is there anything else you would like to share about your abilities?

Conscious awareness comes by paying attention to subtle shifts in energy, which expands your ability to perceive what has always been in front of you.

A simple change of perspective heightens awareness that transforms your perception to access wisdom beyond the filters of limitation. Activating your ability of perception opens the doors of what was once the unknown to become perceived. Causing a vibrational shift that parts the veils of illusion and limitation. What was once thought to be impossible becomes possible and realized.

Enlightenment is the expanded awareness of perception to consciously perceive new truths that are aligned with a greater understanding of the knowledge to shift reality. Taking an active responsibility of your thoughts, beliefs, intentions and actions creating your reality is authentic power of co-creation. Disengaging from the distraction of survival and the grip of fear allows for wholeness and harmony to become restored between your inner and outer worlds, allowing new levels of experience to become realized, aligned with greater possibility for your probability.

Resonating with the frequency of galactic consciousness increases the ability to perceive Nature Spirits, Elementals, Fairy’s, Elves to name a few. Once we begin to perceive the myriad of life energies flowing around us and learn to interact with them in a symbiotic relationship, life as we know it will transform. This deliberate conscious intention to co-create with the these energies from a state of integrity that is in balance and harmony, allows access to true unlimited abundance, that can only be realized with the vibrational frequency of honor and reverence to all forms of life. Resonating with this love will manifest a New Garden of Eden upon the earth.

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