Interview With a Psychic: Ilayna

Describe how you first found out about your psychic abilities.


I was born EXTREMELY SENSITIVE to universal energies around me. My soul is ancient and my frequency is high. I have been called an “INUITIVE PRODIGY” to universal energies.

When I was a young child about two to three years of age (earliest memories), I could see and/or hear non-physical positive and negative energies and entities known as Channeling. I channeled and continue to channel non-physical energies such as guides, Ascended Masters, the deceased, angels, other-world beings, entities, etc. During this time I learned the art of Healing Energy. I honed my healing skills while I was a child upon dogs, cats, birds, plants and myself. By the time I was six, I could take the HEALING ENERGY from within my heart, transform it into light energy and send it to someone who was hurt and needed their body to heal. I also INTERPRET DREAMS, use RETROCOGNITION in which I acquire information from past lives or from the intervals between physical lives where the consciousness lived in non-physical dimensions AND BIBLIOMANCY, where I am guided to Religious Book(s), given a passage(s) and interpret it for the situation.

Quick Facts

Reading Types: Psychic, Tarot Card, Dream Interpretation, Love/Relationship Compatibility, Finance/Career Advice
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Professional Since: 1986
Language Spoken: English
Country of Residence: Canada

Call: 1-888-813-2277 ext.17848

What have you done to develop your abilities?

I love to learn and master new things. I continually acquire, practice and develop my “tools of the trade”.

I began educating myself about Tarot Cards at the age of 15. I use Tarot along with my Natural Gifts to guide the conversation and direction of what is most needed at the time of the reading. I use 6 different types of Tarot layouts depending on the type of question(s). I have learned that if I see something negative or what I like to call a challenge coming ahead I automatically know you are going through a learning lesson. I ask my Guides, Angles, Spirits and yours that surround you to help you through it with strength and understanding of what the universe is trying to teach you.

I also have had training in NUMEROLOGY which is the study of numbers and the impact they make on our lives. But Numerology is anything but simple. We’re each born with a set of unique Numerology numbers that reveal truths about ourselves and the path we’ll walk during this lifetime. Through your birth date and your name, Numerology helps to bring awareness to your personal strengths, challenges, opportunities and patterns.

Both learned and natural, I INTERPRET DREAMS.

I have also been trained and Certified as a LAW-OF-ATTRACTION Practitioner. The Law-of-Attraction I have been taught in is Scientifically Based and I have seen the results from my clients. It is based on like-attracts-like, positive-attracts-positive and negative-attracts-negative.

Each time I help a person by using any of the GIFTS the Universe has given me, I gain further strength, insight, understanding and wisdom.

Further to my natural-born abilities, I also have gone to University to learn about the human mind and how we can change our thinking to a more positive and balanced state. I presently have three Degrees which includes, B.A. in the Visual Arts, B.A. Honors in Psychology where I specialized in Behaviour & Motivation and B.Ed for the Elementary division and Certified in Solution-Focused Methodologies.

I also have a Masters in Life Coaching and I am Certified in the following areas: I am A Certified Practitioner in the following Energy Healing Techniques: Emotional Freedom Technique, Usui Reiki, QiGong, Chakra, Crystals, Sound, Colour, and BodyTalk (Access).

Describe your skills.

When you first get on the line with me I will ask you your name and date of birth and calculate your lucky number for the day and interpret the meaning for you. I will then give you your Just like your zodiac sign comes from the month and day you were born, in Numerology, you have something called a Sun Number! This number is also based on your month and day of birth. Depending on what the energy of your own Sun Number, your Sun Number can help: offer a big-picture view of who you are, show how you handle changes, understand other numbers in your Numerology chart that also impact long periods of your life, tell you about the relationships you tend to gravitate toward, how you other Sun Numbers that you could potentially get along with based on specific traits.

We will then dive right into how I can help you with ANY OBSTACLE in your life. At this point I will use any and/or all of my gifts & “tools of the trade” to provide you with answers and possible solutions. During this time I will continually “check-in” to make sure you are getting a full understanding of what we are discussing may it be about a relationship, money, career & health. If during the time I begin to feel “pain” I will discuss this with you as I can do distance “energy healing” right then and there. We may even do a Chakra Cleansing if needed to get further into what is needed to pass an obstacle. Pain can be mental, psychological, physical and/or metaphysical. Please note, I am not a doctor and I do not give diagnoses and/or medical information. What I do is feel the energy within your energy field and see where there are blocks.

We will end our session with going over what was said and arrange a time and date so we can to talk again about what is happening and/or something new.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

Yes, I can communicate with spirits who have passed on, but it is not-on-demand. If just happens … it happens a lot. I have no control but it usually comes when there is an important message. It does happen quite a bit during a reading … so be prepared. What I do if one comes through unexpectedly during a reading is ask you first if you would like to hear the message. I will NEVER give a message if it is not wanted.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want to?

Yes, I can turn other “psychic” abilities on and off at will. As previously said the only one I have not mastered the on/off switch is spirits.

It has taken me a lot of practice and a lot of time to master turning on and off what is needed. Normally the “switch” is off as it could become too overwhelming if I was always on.

One I always keep on is my “protection bubble”. This is an “energy bubble” that is around me so I can keep safe from negative energies entering and/or energy vampires trying to take my high positive energy.

What is life like living with these abilities?

When the Universe gives you the ability to be sensitive to it, for me I am and/or feels like I am in a constant test of choosing “good” or “evil”. I have always struggled with something in my life making it a very difficult life. I guess the saying is true what does not kill you makes you stronger and boy I am getting stronger and stronger.

I had hidden all my life from whom I am because I have been afraid of what other people would say about me, think I am a freak. It has only been in the past two years that I have come out in my community as an Energy Worker. I felt that becoming a Life Coach I can use all my skills both educational and universally given to help guide people to become happy, joyful and satisfied with their life.

I now walk with my head held high and have accepted who and what I am!

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

Yes, I do believe ANYONE can develop psychic skills or what I like to call Universal Energy Skills.

I start by teaching how to hone your natural abilities of intuition and this is where it begins. In fact I teach the Law-of-Attraction as it is based on understanding the fundamentals of Universal Energies.

If you like, I can also teach you during our sessions on how YOU CAN ATTRACT *** ANYTHING YOU WANT ***

I can help you understand WHY you are not ATTRACTING WHAT YOU WANT and turn it around!

What do you like best about working with PsychicNetworkers?

I love working for PsychicNetworkers because everyone is really nice. I like how we can connect easily with each other.

Clients are the best clients. You are open-minded and can accept what is and yet to come. You want to work hard on what is not working in your life so it is working. Clients I also find are unique and diverse and interesting to talk to. I find these are great qualities in the PsychicNetworkers clientele.

Do you get readings for yourself?

No, I do not get readings for myself because since I close my energies to everyone.

What I do is seeking advise from other psychics on which gift to develop and ways to develop them. The way I find the “RIGHT PSYCHIC” is I ask and one will appear when I need them most.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your abilities?

I like to consider myself different from other psychics as that I use both my Natural Born Universal Gifts and my Educational background to FIND the RIGHT SOLUTION for YOU!

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