Interview With a Psychic: Dexter

Describe how you first found out about your psychic abilities.

As a child I found myself communicating with deceased loved ones after they crossed over. The experience was similar to a child having an imaginary friend they can converse with and actually hear responses from. It never occurred to me that this was uncommon, and my mother did not discourage it. Later when I was 21, my cousin (who is also a practicing psychic) informed me that I too possessed powers of clairsentience and clairvoyance. Within a week of that revelation I began having prophetic dreams about loved ones and co-workers. That single conversation inspired my journey to study, hone, and practice my skills so I could serve others. It has been an amazing experience ever since.

Quick Facts

Reading Types: Psychic, Tarot Card, Astrology, Medium
Professional Since: 2001
Language Spoken: English
Country of Residence: United States

Call: 1-888-813-2277 ext. 17232

What have you done to develop your abilities?

I’ve studied and practiced to strengthen my abilities under some of the best instructors in the field, including the late Sylvia Browne, Debra Katz, and Sanaya Roman. I regularly meditate while exercising , as energizing my body in repetitive activity allows me to slip into trance easily. I have studied the crafts of astrology, palmistry, tea leaf reading, clairvoyance, mediumship (communication with deceased loved ones), and psychometry (reading objects) for over 14 years. While all of my psychic gifts are natural, practice and study for me have allowed me to enhance their function, and their benefit to those I serve.

Describe your skills.

As a clairvoyant, I offer conversations on the future my clients are creating for themselves based on their thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs at the time of their call. These conversations validate goals and plans for those who are unsure, and empower others to change those outcomes they find their probable future unfavorable. As a medium, I connect with deceased loved ones to help my clients obtain closure and peace through the reality that love never dies. As an astrologer, I offer conversations on the energies we are all functioning under so that my clients may come into greater alignment with the universe, optimizing their best efforts and outcomes.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

Yes! Our loved ones can feel and respond to our thoughts of them. It is because of this fact that I often ask my clients to request their loved one’s presence before a reading, asking them to make themselves available to us. A mediumship reading is similar to a telephone call; sometimes you get an answer, sometimes you get voicemail, and sometimes someone else answers the phone!

One such reading was while I was traveling abroad in South America. A woman came to me and wanted to reach her infant child who had crossed over just one year prior. I received an image of a child holding the hand of an adult, and waving balloons. The woman began to cry, and indicated that her son had died at the age of 2, the day after his birthday and birthday party they had thrown for him. She then knew we had made a connection!

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want to?

My psychic abilities are usually in the standby position with a few exceptions: when I am in prayer, when I am exercising, and when I am one on one with another person. During states of heightened arousal my sensitivity increases and I pick up much unintentionally.

What is life like living with these abilities?

I consider my life to be like anyone else’s. I still have my personal spiritual and life lessons to learn like everyone else. No psychic gets a pass on life My readings for others remind me that there is a higher purpose behind every experience, and that the love that holds our lives together will never die.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

Yes. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we hall have psychic abilities. Have you ever finished someone’s sentence at the same time as them? Have you ever thought of someone just as the phone rang or you received a text message from them? Those are psychic gifts! What I just described is telepathy, or non-verbal communication. Any natural talent can be developed.

What do you like best about working with PsychicNetworkers?

It has allowed me to be of service to a wide range of international clientele who otherwise would not have had access to my services. Since energy has no limits, my readings for clients are just as effective via phone as they are in person. The fact that my clients can receive my readings from the comfort of their own homes, while discussing important aspects of their lives brings me great satisfaction.

Do you get readings for yourself?

Yes, I absolutely get readings for myself. I prefer to get seasonal readings, and as-needed readings to be sure I’m on track with business endeavors or to gain perspective when I find myself wrestling with an obstacle (love, career, money, etc).

Is there anything else you would like to share about your abilities?

I have the very keen ability to help my clients gain perspective and hope in even the most dire of circumstances. Many of my clients are in the midst of some sort of emotional crisis, pain, or uncertainty when they call me. My conversation offers that trouble doesn’t last, and that each challenge provides some great blessing for the future. I also provide a timeline for the endings and beginnings of crises, so my clients can have an appreciation of life’s changes and come into greater alignment with them.

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