Interview With a Tarot Expert: Jeanne

Describe how you first found out about your psychic abilities.

It wasn’t until my mid forty’s that I began to realize how intuitive I had been all along in life. My parents were not aware of or supportive of such gifts, so I was told untruths such as; “It’s just your imagination”, or “Don’t be ridiculous” or, “Your nuts” when I would come up with things that eventually came into manifestation.

Yes, so, I was basically born intuitive and not until I suffered quite enough, (especially UNnecessarily,) that I started to WAKE UP, and come to know that I did have gifts that could support and empower my own growth process as well as to help others seeking guidance. People have been attracted to me as far back as I can recall, to open up to, to seek comfort and answers from. I’m a magnet for people seeking to understand, fix, or improve their lives. Not surprising that Psychology was my major in college and in some masters work I did.

It would be easy to say no, the gifts do not run in my family, but I have the sense that my father, who was the least support of all, was actually intuitive himself! He had been a Lieutenant/detective in NYC and solved numerous cases using the gift he had but would not “recognize.


Quick Facts

Reading Types: Tarot Card, Love/Relationship Compatibility, Finance/Career Advice
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Professional Since: 2000
Language Spoken: English
Country of Residence: United States

Call: 1-888-813-2277 ext.1419

What have you done to develop your abilities?

Regarding the Tarot, I lived with a master teacher for 5 years. With him, I studied, talked, ate, drank and slept TAROT! It was THE LANGUAGE spoken in the home. Every situation, relationship and potentiality was studied through the lens of the Major and Minor Arcana and Court Cards.

This gave me more understanding of life than any psych course I had ever taken! The Tarot for me is like a conversation with the Divine. It’s mystical, magical and quite surprisingly practical if read well.

I have studied and been certified in several other “Mind/Body?Soul” modalities such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Quantum Biofeedback with the EPFX / SCIO, Advanced Pain Management, Empowerment Life Coaching and Heart Intelligence Life Coaching.

Describe your skills.

My focus once I connect with you the client is to “Tune into” your vibration. This happens naturally by hearing your voice and just “feeling” into your mental/emotional presence.

I always prepare for the next client by clearing and shuffling the cards, so that when we connect I simply need to divide the deck and get right to the read.
My white candle is burning, and I frequently sage my reading space to keep it of the highest, most pure vibrations. I invite the Divine, ALWAYS, to guide me as I do the reading.

The tarot cards are my main tool. I use different layouts at different times for specific questions. I use several decks at times, to confirm or expand upon the information coming forth. Sometimes I use the pendulum.

One thing I have learned is that we ALL learn best when we are at easy, comfortable with each other, the reader and the client in this example. I have a gentle way of saying things but with strong, powerful conviction when I know something needs to be communicated and understood. I also have a great sense of humor which can make the reading more easy to understand and implement in the clients life so results are seen!

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

No, I do not communicate with spirits that have passed on, but if that skill ever opens up for me I will post that change!

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want to?

Information seems to just FLOW in when it is needed. It can be while cooking, driving, swimming, gardening, sitting quietly and or meditating. And of course when I am reading the cards. It is a natural happening.

During the day, I take time out often to “tune in” to life and ask The Divine for guidance, for answers, for support, enlightenment.

This flow is gentle and does not disrupt the goings on in my daily life.
I have had a few times where I know the messages I get need to be acted upon immediately in order to have the most positive outcome.

What is life like living with these abilities?

In some ways being so intuitive has made life more difficult than I perceive other’s lives to be who do not have this ability. Because I can see and feel into others lives , situations, struggles, pains, challenges, etc, I am feeling a lot of emotions, many of which are heavy, sad, hopeless or depressing.

The years of study spent in life coaching with the two modalities I listed above have helped me to understand myself, my gifts and the responsibilities it requires better. I have learned to keep very clear boundaries to protect myself and the other person/client. It was part of a necessary maturing process.

At 68, altho a very young 68, I have much wisdom gained from a lot of consistent hard work, fascination and passion with the tool of the Tarot.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

I believe we all have SOME potential to grow in the skills of psychic reading and other metaphysical healing methods, HOWEVER;

I also believe that without some inner attraction to the subject matter that the potential will go unrealized, unrecognized, and remain dormant. It takes FOCUS and ACTION on a consistent basis to develop such skills to a professional place.

Studies of spirituality, psychology, the Universal Laws and people in general all help to form a solid foundation for the Psychic as well. It seems that such gifted people are very interested in continued study and learning, going deeper and deeper into the unlimited scope of knowledge that we can have access to once we open up, trust and learn how to ask and receive.

What do you like best about working with PsychicNetworkers?

I like solving puzzles and to me, people are puzzles and the circumstances they have (they create) in their lives are like puzzle pieces thrown all over the table of life. I come in, look at the pieces and listen to the client and read the cards and the pieces begin to fall together.

As the happens I feel energized , happy, excited that I am helping another human being to see the truth of their situation. Once they see the truth and recognize it as the truth, they can begin to free themselves from the situations which have been causing them some form of mental, emotional or physical pain and suffering.

I LOVE helping people become free from people, places or things that are no longer serving them. I LOVE helping people STOP WASTING TIME. Time is a precious gift and we have the option of spending it in peace, fulfillment and JOY, so why not grow into that option!!!!

Do you get readings for yourself?

I get reading for myself several times a year. I also read for myself but feel I am not quite as clear when reading for myself, so don’t take myself as seriously. I don’t feel I am easy to read. Some people are, some aren’t. Personalities are complex and astrological birth charts can give you a clue as to why that is! Also, there are times when people can be so closed up you couldn’t read for them even if they asked! Unconscious supposed self protection!

Is there anything else you would like to share about your abilities?

I wish I had KNOWN myself better earlier in life! I would have listened to my heart, my intuition, and saved myself decades of grief. This is why I like to help others: to save them time and grief! Let’s get on with Happy, Healthy, Balanced, Joyful living!

But, everthing happens for a reason, so I can take my arduous, challenging
journey and offer it as a “light” to others in their darkness. Hopefully save them from their limited, illusory thinking and negative habit patterns. the tarot cards are excellent about pointing out these things!

I’ve seen ufo’s three times, twice in daylight, and had some metaphysical being save me from having my fluffy , cotton comforter catch on fire on night. I believe it was an angel, although I did not see anything physically, I was awakened by the crash of something that could not have fallen on it’s own. After minutes of looking and wondering what that was all about, I finally noticed the corner of my comforter charred brown almost ready to catch fire over a heating grate in a home I was staying in at that time. I feel I would have surely been badly burned or worse, had another minute gone by.

The Unseen world is loaded with action, energies, beings, powers and information all waiting, wanting to be heard, seen, noticed somehow, someway by us here on the planet in physical bodies. Of this I am sure.

The tarot gives us a fascinating tool to use to connect with the love and support which awaits us when we are truly ready.


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