Interview With a Psychic: Donya

Describe how you first found out about your psychic abilities.

I was electrocuted at the age of 3 when I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet, being a curious child. After I was electrocuted (which I don’t remember but my mother told me that I turned green and flew across the room and landed against the wall of the opposite side of the room and was unconscious), my abilities began showing themselves. First I possessed reading skills at an adult level where I would be taken to libraries by my grandmother and would be entered into contests to read novels in the adult section of the library by the time I was 4 years of age. By the time I was 5, I was able to crochet as I was taught. I spent time being quite introverted while I was to have been considered as in a “dream state” most of the time, some labeled it as slightly autistic; however, such alleged autism, merely gifts that lay in waiting, given by my creator.

I recall that when I was 7 years of age, God spoke to me as I sat in a green chair that was in our living room that I daily fought our great Dane over sitting in that chair. God spoke to me and stated that I would “make people happy with my voice.” Shortly thereafter I began singing around town when I was just 9 years of age, winning many city-wide contests for singing, but soon after the spirit world began connecting with me in a not so nice way. Poltergeist phenomena began occurring, I would see my grandmother appear to me at night time and it was very scary. I also began to predict things that my parents would encounter, like getting a new car and describing it, seeing through closed gift packages at Christmas, and encountering many ghosts. Through the years, God stayed very close to me; protecting me from the dark spirits that would try to come in where my gifts left an open channel for the bad spirits to try to take hold of me, God always protected me.

It was very difficult growing up with the gifts. I kept to myself quite a bit as a child. In those days, children who possessed the supernatural ability were quite misunderstood.

Quick Facts

Reading Types: Psychic, Tarot Card, Dream Interpretation, Medium, Love/Relationship Compatibility, Finance/Career Advice
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Professional Since: 1973
Language Spoken: English
Country of Residence: United States

Call: 1-888-813-2277 ext.17392

What have you done to develop your abilities?

My abilities were developing whether I wanted them to or not while I was growing up. It was not a conversation that I could have in my youth due to my family type upbringing and I was left to follow God who came through to me daily and I am so happy he oversaw the gifts that he gave me, because the bad spirits would often try to possess my person when they thought that I was unguided. My father began making me go to church with my step siblings which likely protected me quite a bit. My gifts grew more and more into my teen years and in my twenties, I began to work for Rider Communications, who taught me to be disciplined in my gifts and to use tarot cards. The gifts do run in my family where my mother used tarot cards when I was a teenager.

Describe your skills.

During a psychic reading, I begin to follow a natural progression that is not unlike my normal daily life state of mind. Due to the high level of gifts that have been placed within me, whether in a dream state sleeping, whether awake and getting feelings from people or whether foreseeing events when I am quietly eating dinner, I have learned to accept that God has placed in me, these gifts 24/7 and that I really have no choice of when I am given information. I can tune the gift out a lot when I interact in daily activities, yet, even in daily activities, I still get information constantly as to persons I am around and events. My primary tool for divination is being who God wants me to be as I am used as the “tool” for God to come through to help others. My specialty is paranormal activity and finding the missing.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

I can communicate with spirits who have passed on. Usually, they show themselves to me and I do not reach out to them unless someone asks me to; in which case I can only connect if they choose to connect. I often find the missing and the deceased. When I find the deceased who are missing, I connect with them in spirit by the deceased choosing to open themselves to me when I ask. Connecting with deceased persons is not an “on demand” thing. The persons who are in another dimension must allow me to connect.

For instance: I am pregnant and my father who recently passed over last May 2016, is always near me. I took video of one thing one day and never intended to see beautiful light green orbs filling my room around me and literally moving very near to the crib that my babies will use. I caught the orbs on video and when I slowed a video down, I could see my father’s face as plain as day in one orb, side burns and all. My father has come to me several times and I video and his voice is on tape stating “It’s me, I really love you, Bye.” He was head moving the vertical blinds so I began filming again.

More than my dad was in that room that night about a week ago and on tape, a whole argument can be heard and a red big blob can be seen standing over my babies bassinet that I am waiting to put them in. This is heard and seen audio video related to the babies that are in my uterus and awaiting to be born. No doubt my father and ancestors are protecting my babies right now from the other side. The video is amazing. Some spirits from the other side that are not good, think they want my babies in utero, but my ancestors and my father are clearly on guard, preserving my babies.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want to?

As far as turning on/off my psychic abilities: They are always on, even when I wish they were not. I must focus my mind on the “here and now” to be able to not be overcome with the spirit world.

The only time the spirit world gets in the way of normal life is when humans who commit crimes, don’t want me to see and uncover what they have done. Many of murder cases have been solved by me that I am still till this day, suffering from having the knowledge. Where many persons seek to engage in things they should not, my gifts allow me to be forewarned, sort of what I call my “wolf senses.” God gave me wolf senses and interestingly enough, wild wolves always come to me if I am in a terrain where they exist.

In caring for other people’s pet wolves when I work at kennels sometimes, I can get right in the small cages with them with no problem to clean the cages and feed the wolves. The times my gifts get in the way are when I see things I really would rather not. Such ability produces many retaliatory issues. I have uncovered many things by accident and by foresight.

What is life like living with these abilities?

Living with these abilities has led me to be kidnapped, shot, and kidnapped over and over for the things that I uncover without even trying to uncover such things. Being gifted is a great responsibility but when the uncovering of crimes takes place unintendedly and such crimes are committed by persons who are looked at in life as being those who are supposed to protect people from crimes, I suffer because whether I want to or not, I am shown particular things that lead me to uncover the crimes very quickly.

In this, I am used by many at higher levels to uncover crimes and I am left to withstand all that comes at me from the retaliations without protection. Sad to say but true. I am working to become free of being used to uncover crimes at high levels of government. It was not my choice to have to uncover such crimes but where some have seen my abilities, investigations that take years, are solved in weeks through my abilities and investigative training; however, such things put me at risk for being severely retaliated against and I take a lot of retaliation to protect the public. It’s not as if someone comes to me to ask “hey can you solve this for us.”

Instead, I am put in the middle of what is happening by someone who tips a scale so that my person is affected by a crime and there I go, uncovering what also affects many people, where I have the gifts and investigative knowledge, paralegal skills and what is most important as “standing to challenge” that allows me to go in and get all that is needed for investigatory purposes. Over and over this is done to me whether I want to participate in investigations or not. It is a bit unfair and the perpetrators of the crimes who are caught in a matter of weeks by me, really take measures to retaliate. It is nothing that I have chosen to do but I am forced to do. Being gifted, sometimes leads others to exploit the gifted. I am pressing federal court soon to have this stopped.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

We all are made up of atoms and everything is comprised of atoms. I did a study while in college and have developed the hypothesis that every atom has a brain. If not, the atoms would never know to stay what we want them to become. For instance: when we take wood and create a table, the atoms know to stay that table. Otherwise, the atoms would become what is known in nanotechnology as “gray goo matter” (a puddle of atoms in a dark goo). Every atom has a brain and the quantum physical properties of that atom can be used by any person. Hence, we are the atoms that we also can direct to do anything we want. If we are sick, we can heal ourselves.

If we want gifts then, of course, we must first ask God to let us possess such gifts and then we can tune into our spiritual quantum physical properties where the atoms that have a brain can do what we would like them to do. We are the same as the energy that is used for spirits to contact us. We are one in the same. It’s easy to go from earth dimension into another dimension because time travel is at the will of a person’s faith, belief, knowledge, and ability to be able to effectively use our own atoms (energy) to be able to move through other dimensions and such dimensions are only a few feet above us. I passed away when I was shot in 2012 and I came back.

Only four feet above my body I was when God told me he was “teaching me” how to save myself. I saw hundreds of atomic orbs circling my affected area on my body and those white orbs of all sizes that rotated in circles to form a vortex had an axis. They formed a spiral shape that quickened in a circular movement until I was back in my body. I have always been able to heal people from broken bones, cancer etc., but I never knew how I was able to do that until God showed me that day I passed away and came back. It’s all about atomic energy.

What do you like best about working with PsychicNetworkers?

I like working with Psychic Networkers because there is freedom in being able to use the many gifts that I have been given by God, to help people. I can work independently as much as I like and when I know that I have helped someone, it is the best feeling.

Do you get readings for yourself?

I do get readings for myself from time to time to make sure that what I am seeing about my situations are validated.

In choosing a reader, I look for readers who have years of experience and who are more gifted than I am. Older persons than I who possess many more years of wisdom is what I look for.

I am not that easy to read for due to the types of situations that I ask about. I call usually to get answers to my particular situations maybe one time per year. Most times I can see the situation but where I cannot, I do call other master psychics.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your abilities?

Please remember: we as humans are not far removed from what begins the first dimension approximately only four feet above our own heads. Many people think that these dimensions are very far away; thus creating a fear in people related to the afterlife. The afterlife is not really an afterlife but is a continuation of life everlasting.

There should never be any fear. I would like to add that in the afterlife, as I have experienced and from my communications with spirit beings who contact me, is just like being here on earth four approximate feet below the first dimension and we can still see everything when we pass over. We can see, hear but we cannot feel to touch. That is all. We must also remember that we can cure any disease through quantum physics being spiritual quantum physics. I have cured myself of four heart attacks and cancer and many other things.

We all have the ability to regenerate our own cells / atoms by telling the atoms wh at to do. Positive energy. My background also lies in the field of Power Engine Generation Mechanics where I have had to learn the principles of generation of electricity fluently in the military. I can say that together with what I have seen in the afterlife related to quantum physics and atoms, and that which I have knowledge of in the generation of electricity, are one in the same scientifically. Power generators producing electricity are the same skills needed that we as humans (atoms) already possess in complete form. We can generate our own electricity to do whatever we like to do.

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