Getting to Know Juniper Rose

In the beautiful mountains of Sardinia nuraghi scatter across the landscape.

These are ancient stone structures mildly similar to an igloo and with a height of perhaps 4-5 feet in the center. No one knows what they were for. Theories abound but the translation of nuraghi means “house of the fairies.”

Called “lares” in Italian, faeries supposedly used these stone structures to spend time with their human partners. Very special children were born of these encounters, children gifted and blessed beyond this world, filled with arcane and ancient knowledge and marked with specific birthmarks in definitive locations. These children are of both the natural and supernatural world, but belong to neither.

They live in the in-between places where the worlds overlap, all can be seen and healing occurs on levels beyond human understanding. Needing neither new age tools nor modern metaphysics, their gifts run deep and far beyond what would be considered the more commonly recognized psychic gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience.

All of nature speaks to them and they do not always find life among the human tribes easy. The few real ones can be found (perhaps) living on the fringes of society, deep in the woods or high in the mountains. They camouflage well into the world yet their remarkable gifts shine in ways that cannot be contained.

I am such a child and my ancestral story is long and unusual.

In the ancient path of the natural world of Sardinia, we do not label ourselves with words like psychic, clairvoyant etc. These tendencies and attributes exist without question, just like our other sense so we do not recognize them as being an addition to ourselves. Instead, I am as I am and yes, I hold within me all the “Claire abilities” but there are many things that simply do not translate.

The Italian islands have their own languages and magic, one cannot visit  and simply understand them. It is a deeply rooted and invisible culture which connects us to earth and is not well-known beyond our mountains.

My training and studies in the Metaphysics

Did I train and study? Yes, formally and for many years in several countries. Dedication, discipline and devotion are all common words for me. My training and studies have included: Spirituality, science, philosophy, numerology, alchemy, augury, geomancy, astrology, decumbiture, Zen, yoga, meditation, botanical medicine, Vedic medicine, Chinese herbology, homeopathy, psychology, anthropology, music, art and theater to name a few.

I am naturally gifted with divination abilities and all oracles open themselves easily to my third eye. Scrying, cards, runes, bones, stones, water, fire, elements energies all rest within my heart. Earth is truly my mother, guide, protector and greatest teacher. She is my mistress, my Goddess and my Heart.

Do I walk my talk?

Very much so! I live deep in the woods and have for most of my life, surrounded by nature on the very edges of society. I have indeed gone “into the wild” and animals and plants sing their inspiration within me daily. It is one thing to connect to our domestic animals, dogs, cats, pets as they are bred to love and loyalty. It is quite another to have alligators, snakes and bears in one’s backyard!

I have learned to divine through observing the patterns on butterfly wings, to know the weather by how the frogs sing and to read the patterns of bird flights. To walk in the woods is for me, quite literally a grand adventure and the path less traveled. One learns to respect the magnificent animals that live there and to tread politely in their living rooms.

I bypassed more “normal” parts of life. I went to a school for gifted children that did not keep a regular school schedule. We studied until we were done, year round, no breaks. I was ready for advanced university studies by age 17.

I did not date or go to prom dances. I drummed and danced at ceremonies instead. I worked as a herbalist, healer and heart counselor. I traveled to many places, not putting down deep roots in any. I lived many different lives this lifetime and keep recreating myself, literally walking out of one life and creating another one.

I had many teachers, but very few friends as my path and time were given to studying spirituality and science. I grew gravely ill, recovered miraculously, and continued to live. I am not defined by age, gender or label. I did not marry until I was 50. I laugh frequently and live freely and joyfully. Acceptance and laughter are the keys to peace, long life and harmony.

The origins of my name, “Juniper”

In Sardinia, especially in the coastal areas, wild Juniper grows abundantly and is respected and revered both medicinally and magically. Juniper berries and perfume purify thoughts, clarify psychic abilities and protect one from negative influence. Juniper is an exotic, intoxicating and unusual plant.

Juniper has affiliation with the God Jupiter, the Moon Goddess Diana and her daughter Aradia, water and earth. Wild roses, known for their messages of love and purity twine all about the mountains. There is an ancient oracle involving the use of juniper berries to predict weather and health.

I am named for these plants and bear a birthmark of both berry and rose on my arms. It was this mark that first brought my gifts to the attention of my family. My grandfather, who was blind, picked me up as a small child and “saw” my gifts within me.

With my intuitive awareness, I have many gifts to assist you in creating the life you are truly seeking.

If you want to look beyond questions of love and relationships, to the deepest heart source of YOU. I am open to help you heal. I wish for you to live life joyfully and fully, without fear or regret, to break free of any emotional bondage that limits you and reclaim your life and power!

Don’t wait to do tomorrow what brings you joy today! Go outside into nature, dance with the fairies and laugh and play. I’ll see you there! 

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