How to find your Inner Peace

Inner Peace: What it is and how you can find it!

When will I be happy?

I get many calls from people who are depressed and the one thing they all have in common is they all ask me the same question. “When will I be happy?!”  The energy I receive from each one is how sad they are and how they have just given up on themselves.  In order to be happy, you must first demand it.

One does not suddenly wake up happy, one becomes happy based on their choices, we are not happy when we feel there is no point to what we are doing, in other words, we feel our lives are absent of purpose.

Finding your happy

So how do we fix this?  First, you must find out what gets you excited!  What is it that you wake up and are eager to get started on something because it gives your life a sense of purpose.

Now how do you find it? Well usually our purpose comes to us and gives us hints it is a reoccurring thought about something that normally we may dismiss, but the more we dismiss it the more it comes back.

Until we explore it.  I’ll give you two examples: With me I felt I needed to further my knowledge and so I found a love for yoga, which took me to being certified as a teacher in yoga which taught me about the proper way to breathe for awhile my purpose was getting certified to pass on the healing knowledge with my clients who I felt needed to slow down and breathe.  Second example and probably the most current, I am studying Judaism, which I find fascinating.  (btw: to any Jewish people, Happy Passover!)

Follow My Journey to Happiness

This journey has led me to learn and love Hebrew. My purpose is to at the end of this course, to convert into this beautiful faith.  Now your purpose may not be the same as mine, probably is far from it. Maybe your purpose is you want to start your own business, and your purpose is to find out how?  Draw the blueprint and plan it out and begin the process.

Or your purpose could be to find a new home. Or it could be to find a new job. Or it could be to have a child, or even strengthen your physical body or your mental, emotional body or build trust between you and your partner.  Whatever it is, listen carefully not with your ears, but with your soul, and stop with the doubting if you should do this and it won’t work. This is negative energy and it is death to the soul. You must be patient, and persistent and above all else Positive!  the Three P’s  PATIENT PERSISTENT AND POSTIVE.

Is this easy?  I want it now!  Well TOUGH! Nothing that comes with merit is easy when you go to school to be a lawyer or a rabbi or a doctor it takes Five years!  Yeesh!

Can they hurry? NO!  They have to go through the process. When you build a village can you do it in a week?  NO ! WHY NOT!?  Well first you need the team, then you need the equipment and then you need the environment to work with you.  You can’t build a village in the middle of a hurricane,  that won’t work.  So some days you can’t build the village and other days you can, same with your life, sometimes you may plan to do something and you need to put it on hold, because of some setbacks out of your control.

Determine Your Success

How you handle it will determine your success. If you are angry and upset, that will slow the process more. If you make the most of it and redirect your attention to another matter and resolve that one instead. you will make progress.  Your happiness and your inner peace all depend on YOU!  Not on your partner, not on your siblings, not on your co-workers, not on your doctor, rabbi, priest or anyone else, it is only up to one person, can you guess who?  ME!  YES, YOU!!

Is this going to be easy?

NO!  But it’s going to be worth it!

You can pave the life you want if you stop fearing and start doing and your passion may not be what you thought it would be, but once you uncover your true purpose in life, you will see why!  It is your true purpose.

Hey! I went to school to do facials, I wanted a job where my clients were asleep!  Did I get that? NO! I do not do facials professionally but that was my plan, instead I ended up being a yeah you guessed it, a psychic!  Now that was not my plan but I heard in deep meditation a voice say your purpose is to help guide heal and inspire others who need it. I can’t do that when my clients are asleep.

Maybe your purpose is going back to school!  Maybe it’s getting a certificate, a license or a degree. Maybe you want to dance, to sing, to travel. Find out what is calling to you, really listen!  And then find out how to make that not just a dream, but a goal and then a reality.  Also do not be scared if over time your purpose changes, that’s perfectly normal twelve months is enough time for you to learn more about who you are and perhaps want to go another direction. That’s growth.

If you found this helpful please give me a call and we’ll see how we can enrich your life even more.

Love Goddess

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Hope to hear from you soon!

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How to find your Inner Peace

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