Déjà Vu: the Soul Memory

Have you ever met someone or been somewhere or done something that you know you have not experienced yet in this life but for some reason it is familiar?

Most people experience this at least once in their lives, and this phenomenon goes by the name of Déjà Vu.

Soul Memory

When we experience Déjà Vu we are actually sparking a soul memory. At times when this happens we feel dumbfounded and confused. What is really happening is that our soul is attempting to communicate with our mind to let us know that this person, place or thing is known to us.

When Déjà Vu occurs, it is important. Take consideration of what your spirit is trying to communicate with and why. Ask yourself: “how does this memory relate to my life now? Is there a lesson to be learned? Why is this distant memory resurfacing now?”

We know that there are no coincidences in life… Déjà Vu is happening for a reason.

Here’s an example: I do a lot of healing work with herbs. One day I was in my favorite herb shop holding a herb that I had never consciously seen, felt, or read about before. The moment that I touched the herb for the first time I experienced the strongest Déjà Vu sensation that I ever have had, even to this day. I saw myself as an African-American slave woman working with this herb. In that very moment I knew that the herb I was holding was very important and that I had used it to heal in the past. Upon further meditation and contemplation on the herb, I was able to remember properties that this herb has and how I had used it in the past. It is important to take note of what a Déjà Vu incident is trying to teach you, warn you, or remind you of.

Déjà Vu is a Psychic Experience

As most of you that have experienced the feeling of Déjà Vu, it is generally described as a feeling of premonition or of knowing. Well that is exactly what it is. It is most definitely a psychic experience all of its own that directly relates to a past life. Investigating moments of Déjà Vu can spark even more memories of your previous lives to surface. This experience will bring knowledge and clear understanding of the lessons in which we have learned previously in lives which we can use in our life today. This helps us to evolve spiritually, bringing us closer to our true selves and who we really are. Who we are and our spirit is as they are one in the same. Which is detached from ego and more beautiful and diverse than we ever could have imagined.

The Angels message regarding Déjà Vu

The Angels would of course like to elaborate on this for you the reader. So here is what they have to say. “Dear ones we love you. Who you perceive yourself to be today in this life is not who you truly are. You are not the money that you make, you are not your job, you are not your stature in this life. You are not the labels that you put upon yourself. You are not your ego. You are indeed in an elevated state of consciousness, connected to all that is around you and all that is within you. All that you must do to find the answers to all of the questions you seek in this life is to go within yourselves.

You are that which is of the divine and you hold the creator’s divinity within you. This is your soul. Listen to your thoughts and feelings as this is your intuition. This is one way we communicate with you. When looking to connect with the creator’s energy, all you must do is go within yourself. The direct pathway already exists inside each and every one of you.

The spirit in us loves the spirit in you. Dear ones, it is not that you have forgotten who you are. It is simply that you have forgotten to remember who you are. You have all that you need and more already inside of you all that you need to do is to remember. We will help you with this all. All you must do is ask. “

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