Believe In Fairytales

The story of Alice through the looking-glass is one of hope. A girl who wanted to believe that the impossible was achievable although all the odds were stacked up against her and time was not on her side.

Others laughed at her scorned her and humiliated her.  She still kept on believing, and ultimately made good on her promise and came through. She did what others thought was impossible and proved to the world, that nothing is impossible!

We can learn so much from fairy tales. 

We need to listen to our hearts rather than to our heads.

We must stop fearing the past and focus on the present rather than worrying what is to come!

Life is always changing and life is a journey to be savored every minute of life is worth gold!  It’s of high value, not to be squandered or dreaded.

We can learn so much from fairy tales.  Cinderella once said, “A dream is a wish the heart makes when you’re fast asleep, no matter how your heart is grieving; if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true!”

Our soul knows what our hearts wish for.  Our souls are eternal, they do not analyze nor do they stress out about what the future has in store for us. The reason being our souls already know what our destiny is, our souls know what the Gods have planned for us.

Our souls know how to make our lives enchanted.

Our physical bodies are tools in which the soul can work in but the body by itself is nothing more than a shell. We are all beings of light, we are all made of that kiss of divinity.  Each one of us is more than you ever imagined.

This world in which you reside on, “Terra”  also known as Earth is not where we come from, it is where we reincarnate to.  But each of us has been born before.

Each of us has lived many lifetimes over; which is why at times we experience a sense of “Deja vu”  this occurs when our souls recognize someone or someplace which it has a familiarity with, a person or place it has been with or at before in another life.

Our soul is the captain of  our ship it knows what we need more than we do, our brains are the engine, it drives us to achieve the needs of the soul.

Our will is the fuel it serves to take us on our journey and keeps us motivated even when the seas become turbulent and stormy.

Our hearts are the food, it feeds our dreams and gives them nutrition so that they don’t starve or die.

Our passion makes it happen and our patience and will.

Creates change, so that our dreams are transformed into goals and our goals turn into full-blown realities.

Thus, we can say we are living our dreams!

But the one thing that keeps it all together is our Faith!

Our belief that even in those darkest hours, when all the odds are against us, when no one believes in us or  in our dreams, that  in this dark and uncertain moment, our faith; like the candle in our hand-held high!  Will light our way and without fail  take us to our destination.

Making our dreams come true. Dreams only come true, if you believe that they can! Only if you believe in  your abilities to make the impossible  possible, to make changes  occur.

Then all I can say is never stop believing keep on dreaming and above all else keep on believing!

The next time you see a looking-glass, rather than just staring at it, ask yourself, “What’s on the other side?

I’m on Tues thru Sat  from 12 PM  to 7 PM and again from 8:30 PM  to 10 PM  Eastern time.

I am the lady of Love the Maiden of magic, the  Empress of Enchantment

My name is Love Goddess, lets talk  and together we can create  a world of magic your world will  be magic!

Because the only way to create magic, is to  Cast the spell yourself!  So  call me   you have my hours  now for my extension:  17306

Remember You are the master of your fate, I’m merely the messenger.

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