Astro Insights [October 2015]

This month has included a Powerful New moon, Mercury direct and much more! What does it all mean?

This New moon in Libra at 19 degrees on the 12th of the month comes at a time when Mercury is really going full direct in Libra… again. It also opposes wild and crazy Uranus. New moons are new starts to the energy for us and great times for setting strong intentions for the rest of the season and beyond. With this New Moon in particular, it is a good idea to include the words, “breakthrough” or “freedom” in the intention statements…this will be using the Uranian energy and help with the awareness of it.

Remember that what we don’t embrace consciously will usually look like fate on the outside, or like it is happening to us from outside sources. Writing your intentions and reading them out-loud and any kind of ceremony with it empowers our intentions and helps us become more aware. Most important BE THANKFUL! Being in gratitude is so important for cultivating reverence ( which is so scarce these days). It opens our hearts…and allows the experience of relationship with the Natural World and the authentic self . We all can find much to be thankful for! Expressing it is an important step to living a good and balanced life.

I do want to mention a couple of things about Mercury retrograde, because it happens 3 times a year for 3 weeks at a time. Though Mercury retrogrades seem to bring communication glitches of many kinds, including electronics, mechanical, language, and postponement, there is a different view worth exploring. What I have seen and experienced from looking at and into this for many years as an Astrologer is that it is the Universe’s way of saying : “okay time to remember, reevaluate, rediscover, recover review, and time to slow down a little and observe your thought patterns…watch your thoughts…maybe even take more time to go inward and listen more, and ask what are you chasing after and why.

Things do get done while Mercury is Retrograde, but have you noticed that the more we push and hurry to get things done the worse it becomes in these periods? Learning how to accept and learn from the Planetary Gods is a way to attune with the Natural world and rhythms. Listening to the Planets in this way also gets us back in-tune with our own natural energies and purposes and relationship with it all. In theses times of incredible mental stimulation and information overload, I feel it even more important for our wholeness and Spiritual and Emotional, Psychological and physical health to embrace and learn to listen to our Cosmic teachers. Give me a call as this is one of my specialties, and part of my soul path purpose to help you with that expression.

Okay, so the second half of Oct. looks very good for things breaking free of certain bottle-necked energies. But it takes work. Speaking of work, Saturn the task master and God of “doing the work so things get built right and are sustained” went into Sag. late Dec.2014 and then back into Scorpio June, July and August, and part of Sept 2015.

So Saturn being the reality anchor called us to do the work of digging up the deep secrets in our lives, and to embrace our extremes and power issues as well as our unknown resources , getting clear on things we couldn’t see before. I think we all had to get the shovel out and maybe even a backhoe and get into to it deeply. Much about death and regeneration of many kinds . And for me much about getting clearer on my priorities and how to narrow my attention and concentration upon them without limiting myself excessively. What limits are reasonable?

As I write this , the Sun is getting out of Square to Pluto and Mars moving out of the square with Neptune. So maybe some of the intensity and power struggle energy about our personal power and capacity for positive action, will be eased…….maybe we will quite fighting with ourselves??!! With the Neptune square Mars I did find it hard to know what to concentrate on at any given moment for a while and it was tough getting certain things done though I had all sorts of ideas and lists. In the long run though this transit gave me the gift of practicing , allowing and excepting the unknown and the unknowable, I had to listen to my heart and spirit, and learn to surf in the fog.

Venus the Goddess of beauty, has also been squaring Saturn and coming out of it.So the lesson with this is that we of course can have pleasure and enjoyment, but we need to do the work for it so it is a gorgeous structure , that gives meaning to our lives. This is quite different from the popular quick fixes so prevalent in society and our so-called culture these days.

So after the 10th things should start to feel a bit better energetically…the intellectual blocks loosening, and we may feel like we are really making progress at last.

Venus in Virgo trineing Pluto in tenacious, goal driven Capricorn on the 23rd will surely help us with a sense of purpose and ability to go toward it!!!

I believe we are in an incredible time on the Planet and the our thoughts and words are much more powerful everyday. We have the ability now to manifest with our intentions,thoughts and words and emotions,much faster now. So this takes great responsibility.

My prayer is that each and every one of you find clarity in your souls ,hearts , and minds and move into the highest purpose for your life. As an Evolutionary Astrologer and Psychic/Intuitive counselor it would be my honor to assist you in any way I can on your Journey!

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