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Dear Angel,
I have always loved angels and had many experiences with them since I was young. I know they are with us and I see signs all the time, but I was wondering how to connect with them? I read setting up an altar because they like a peaceful place to stay. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
Angel Lover- MA

Hi Angel Lover,
The one thing I learned over the years about Angels is that they are always with us. They have chosen to come here and help us so they are already connected to us, so it’s more about what kind of connection we choose to have with them. I look at it like this, there are some people we meet for the first time and we have an instant connection to them and then there are others who we would rather not ever see again.

No matter what relationship you choose to have with this person, it always starts off getting to know them and then developing that relationship if we choose to move forward in it. It’s the same with the Angels. You’re not expected to get married the second you meet “the one” nor are you expected to just trust any Angel that comes your way. So I would first decide how much involvement you would like your Angel to have in your life. Do you want them staying behind the scenes or do you want them to be in the forefront of your life? Whatever you decide is okay because they have chosen to come here to help you however you need it.

Second, think about the Angels and the things that help you feel closer to them. For some people, it’s a sacred space for them to talk to their Angels, for others it’s candles, incense, or angel figurines. Be creative, remember what works for you is unique to only you. If common themes don’t work for you, then don’t use these things. The Angel’s aren’t picky and they don’t need a peaceful place. In fact, it’s usually in our time of need where we see them the most. So it’s not about what they like, it’s about what represents their energy and presence to you and helps you feel closer to them.

Many times the Angels respond through the signs and symbols that we will notice as being from them. More often than not, their guidance is that little knowing feeling that you already knew but all of a sudden had a realization that has a new meaning or , what I like to call an “aha” moment. You can also give them a specific symbol that you can use as their sign to you that they are there.

The more you make them a part of your life, the more you will begin to see their presence in your life. Like any other relationship you have in your life, the closer you draw to them, the closer they will draw to you, so treat your connection to the Angels the same way you would a new best friend.

Dear Angel,
I see some psychic’s who offer Angel Readings, but not others, so I was just wondering, are Angel Readings the same as Psychic Readings?
Curious- DC

Hi Curious,
The answer is yes… and no. Psychic abilities are really about being sensitive to the energy around us and being able to read that energy. So, in this sense, yes, both psychics and Angel Intuitives have this.

However, each psychic has a different belief system, so those who work more closely with the Angels have chosen to connect with the Angels as a way to gain some or all of their psychic information. Whereas another psychic may not believe in Angels or may follow a different spiritual path and chooses to incorporate their belief system instead.

Some may decide not use any belief system at all and pull solely on their own intuition to gain information. I can’t say one is better than the other, it really depends on your preference. Many people who see Angel Intuitives are usually seeking advice not really from the psychic, but more so from the angelic realm. They often trust the messages and guidance from the Angels because they either already have a connection with the Angels, or desire to have a deeper connection with them. Someone who seeks out a psychic may not have a preference or may have a different preference on how they receive that advice. If you’re not sure, I would suggest to read some profiles, if they are video chat psychics, there is a free chat area where you can hang out for a bit and see if you connect with them. No matter what type of reading you prefer, it’s always good to feel a connection with the reader.

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