Another Look at The Lunar Children

Cancer is the most misunderstood of the zodiac

I am an Astrologer, well-educated and practiced. As one who has read deeply on many topics I am always amazed at how we tend to view each zodiac sign through a very narrow lens, when actually, the depth and complexity of each sign is as rich as the complexity of any one of us homo sapiens.

Whether male or female, I am 100% certain that the beautiful, watery sign of the Lunar Children cancer is the most misunderstood of the zodiac.

Ruling planet: the Moon

With the ruling planet as the Moon, lunar children go through the most evolution of all the signs on a continual basis. The moon travels though all 12 constellations (and more) in a 28 day cycle, rapid movement for a planet in a cycle set in place by the creation of the Milky Way itself.

With such a rapid transit time it is no small thing that cancers have been called moody and emotional, and somehow the definition always seems to stop there. Let’s cast our gaze deeper, as every true seeker is compelled to do.

Aspects of the Lunar Child

There are many aspects of the Lunar Child that is somehow overlooked in the moonlight. Since the moon illuminates each signs’ attributes as she passes through it, so does the lunar child manifest a vast and rich background with the ability to absorb and learn anything in a short amount of time. Possessors of excellent photographic memories, Lunar Children hold much more wisdom and information within themselves then they let on.

As water, lunar children are highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic. They are the “feelers” of the universe, and when one tells you they feel something, you would do well to heed their message! They are heart based in everything they do, be it in the personal or professional areas. When they seem “overemotional” they are expressing this heart language, which often goes unheard.

They have the ability to pass through the world in harmony, blending smoothly into any environment. They are natural masters of stealth, stillness, strength and silence, the 4 great attributes of any enlightened healer. They are compassionate, natural healers, deeply connected to Gaia and all of nature, and prefer the calm of the country to the chaos of any city.

They are capable of unfathomable giving and look for nothing in return, making them great partners, lovers, wives, friends and mothers. They do protect their home, family and creations (and can do so fiercely) but they do so openly and honestly.

In balance, Lunar Children excel at just about anything they do. They are wonderful at creating homes and their own traditions.

Connected to their ancestors yet equipped with a razor-sharp, modern intellect, cancers often excel at entrepreneurial endeavors, especially if they are in a compassionate, social, metaphysical, anthropological or medical field.

Lunar children tend to feel better at night and find illumination in moonlight. They are deep writers and artists, visionaries and poets.

Being ruled by the Moon and her ever fluid cycle, Lunar Children have to process and manage a great array of emotions and attributes on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis. Sometimes the moon passes through 2 signs in a 24 hour period, strongly affecting those who dance within her silvery light.

The term Cancer invokes misunderstood feelings

Silly as it may seem, I have found over the years that the name cancer evokes a deep, subconscious fear in folks, and this often creates somewhat of disconnect when meeting one. Moon/Lunar Child feels like a much warmer and more accurate name for these wise souls.

In centuries past, the sign of the Crab was a scarab which was considered a land insect. In present times it is interesting to note that crabs can have dual citizenship of land and water… so we can see the complex duplicity of the Moon Child.

The next time your Cancer lover seems emotional, look deeper and with heart wide open, surely you will hear theirs.

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