Am I Psychic?

One of the most popular questions I am asked as a video chat expert is “Am I psychic?”

My answer is always YES!

Everyone has some degree of psychic abilities because we all have the most basic component: energy. In fact, every single day we use this energy to read people, situations, and objects. No matter where we go, we read the energy around us, even if we don’t realize it.

Think about how many times you have a “gut feeling” about someone you just met. Somehow you knew by the feeling you felt that this person was bad news. You may have even experienced the opposite from another person who you felt was very loving and compassionate. Soulmates often find each other because of that instant recognition. How can that be? Energy.

Let’s take a satellite for instance. Satellites will receive information from a particular source and then transmit that information to somewhere else by using invisible signals called electromagnetic waves. These waves carry valuable information from one source to another. However, in order to send energy, it must first be received. In a sense, we are like walking satellites. Much like a satellite, we transmit and receive information through an energy field that surrounds each living thing, often called an aura.

Paying Attention to Auras

For the most part, we don’t pay too much attention to the auras around other people because there is so much energy and information to sift through, but sometimes someone will walk by who will automatically grab you. There’s many reasons for this. One reason is because we all have an inner knowing, or instinct that is set on survival mode, so when danger is near, that energy is received by your aura and then the aura sends an automatic response to your brain that say’s “caution.”

Some people, however, naturally project or send out a lot of energy in general and don’t even realize they are doing this. You may feel overwhelmed when you’re around these people and just feel the need to walk away. You may encounter someone who recently went through a tragic event and you may feel severe sadness when you are around them. Sometimes people have collected so much energy from other sources, that the energy they are sending out is a collection of multiple sources that were never released or cleared from their aura. These people you may feel either nothing at all from because they are blocked; or you may feel a whole array of emotions all at the same time that make absolutely no sense. Regardless, of the reasons, this receiving of energy is part of your biological system and is an important way to understand the information around you.

Projecting Energy

We discussed receiving energy now… we will discuss projecting energy. This is basically the same as receiving energy but in reverse. When you project energy you are sending energy out to other people or the world in general. Unless you normally project a lot of energy, chances are the things you project more strongly will be heightened emotions. It’s often not a conscious thing you do, but you can often tell what kind of energy you are sending out by the way other people react to you.

For example, say you just got into an argument with your boss. When you walk out of the office, do your co-workers come up and ask if you are okay, or do they back away and try to avoid you? By noticing others responses to you, you can easily judge what energy you are projecting and how much of it you are sending out. If it is not what you want to project, you can easily change that energy consciously by clearing it away or reprogramming the energy. Programming energy is really easy. You can visualize an energy source that symbolizes the type of energy you want to project, such as a saint, ect, by drawing that energy to you and visualize it going through you and outward into your aura. You can also tell the energy what type of energy you want it to become by visualizing it and saying it out loud. The most effective way is really to work on in the inside because the outside is often an outer manifestation on what is within.

Psychics are typically more sensitive or aware of the energy they receive around them and have learned to read the energy they receive accurately. Healers often project the healing energy needed to heal effectively by changing the energy of the ailment or the body. Each person is different so how they receive and interpret this information will also be different and unique to each person according to many factors such as interest, thought patterns, biology and beliefs, to name a few. This is why you can have several different readings from several different psychics and some information will be the same and some will be different. Essentially,heightened intuition is a part of our DNA and everyone has the ability to develop and heighten their intuition so the question isn’t whether or not you are psychic, the question is how you interpret the psychic energy you receive.

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