8 Tips for Getting a Great Reading

My idea of a great spiritual reading is one of a win-win situation for both the reader and the caller. In my experience, it feels nothing less than exhilarating to give a thorough, in-depth reading to someone, and know it will have a positive effect on their life. Yet I can blatantly tell the difference in the readers who prepared themselves for a reading, and those who didn’t. With that in mind, I was compelled to share some suggestions with people who come to us(psychic readers, I mean) on how to enhance their psychic reading experience.

1.Before logging on to any site, go to your Divine Source or meditate on asking for the reader with the message specifically for you. People from all walks of life experience times in life that are difficult and confusing. I believe this is why the Universe has connected us as people in such an uncanny way, that one always carries the answer another seeks. While praying or meditating, focus the mind on the reader that carries your message. This will enhance the connection with your reader. Your spirit will recognize your reader.

2.Be sure to choose your reader from your spirit, not the surface. All human beings possess a certain level of psychic ability, even if not on the level of the professional. Use that built-in intuition in choosing a reader. Many clients make the mistake of choosing a reader based on looks, religious similarities, colorful profiles, and so on rather than choosing the one that speaks to your spirit. Really take your time in your selection. Scan the site’s pages two or three times, if need be. The eyes of the reader are a great focal point. If you feel that connected sensation with more than one reader, this is fine. The more affirmations, the better.

3.Have specific questions in mind. Asking for a general reading is asking for a vague one, lacking the detail you as callers really seek. In my experience, most of the callers who asked me for a general reading were secretly afraid or ashamed to ask what was really on their minds. I assure you, most people who do spirit work are very non-judgemental and understanding. Not to mention there’s not much we haven’t heard…or seen…or experienced. This is what we’re here for…you to release your confusions so we can turn them to clarities. Do just that.

4.Don’t be afraid to go into detail. Simply out, detailed questions get detailed answers. The “deeper” you go into your questions, the more faucets of insight and truth your reader can provide. This not only ensures your money’s worth, it increases your overall Divine Understanding. Get down in there!

5.Speak freely. Hey, you paid for the call. Please understand that the reading is not just for spiritual clarity, it is also a mini therapy session. You should always feel better, lighter even after a psychic reading call. If a you need to utter a few expletives, let it rip. If you need to cry, make it rain. You get my drift. The more honest your spirit is during the call, the more your reader can clarify. I mean, why front when we can see through it anyway?

6.Be prepared for the truth. Ok, this is the only tough part for both ends. This is the main reason why soooo many people are afraid to get readings in the first place: They are afraid of the truth. You on the other hand, have taken the brave step in seeking the truth, both now and a few steps ahead. This is key to taking control of your life, both on a spiritual and physical level. With that in mind, please don’t expect the reader to deliver what you want to hear. Our spirit guides don’t allow us to lie. Besides, the truth usually isn’t as bad as you think. Remember this: The truth can hurt temporarily, and sometimes will…but lies are only morphine for prolonged pain.

7.During the reading, keep a pen and pad handy for notes. It is wise to keep some notes handy of the reading for future references. Keep them somewhere where you can see and read them regularly, especially in cases of future predictions. Watch for signs and prepare. When given positive affirmations, read them daily and watch them brighten your life!

8.Incorporate solutions given by your reader, and follow-up! When speaking to a reader, understand that you are speaking to an oracle, not really a person. The prayers, affirmations, and or positive spiritual affirmations are passing through us to you from the Divine Source. Incorporate them and follow-up! We love to hear how effective our readings were on your life! It is also a great time for further guidance. However, understand that one of the oldest psychic scams out there is the “there is a curse on you and I need $$$$ to remove it” scam. Never do this…it will not help you spiritually, only hurt you financially. It can also leave you feeling powerless, when this can’t be further from the truth.

I hope these tips gave a little more insight on how get the best of your spiritual reading experience! Blessings always!

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